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Memorial created 06-23-2007 by
Mitchell Pollock
Shannon Marie Pollock
May 15 1970 - February 1 2006

Shannon 1- Day Old


Shannon & Her Grandfather


Shannon & Grandmother


Mom, Ken, & Shannon


Shannon & Mom


Shannon, Mom, Holding Russell


Shannon Holding Russell


Shannon & Laurie Holding Russell


Dad Holding Shannon & Laurie


Shannon, Russell, & Laurie


Laurie, Russell, & Shannon


Laurie & Shannon


Shannon, Russell, & Laurie


Shannon, Russell, & Laurie


Shannon, Dad Holding Laurie


Mom & Shannon


Laurie & Shannon


The Terrell Family


Mom Holding Shannon


Shannon & Mom at the Beach


Family Fun


Mom Holding Shannon


Shannon, Krista, Autum, Diane, Nichole


Family Reunion


Family Reunion


Family Reunion


Shannon & Grandmother


Laurie, Russell, & Shannon


Russell, Shannon, Laurie, & Kyle


Shannon, Russell, & Laurie


One Big Happy Family


Shannon & Her Uncle Randy


Shannon & Family


Shannon & Laurie


Mom, Russell, & Shannon


Laurie, Dad, & Shannon


Shannon & Her Uncle David


Sisters By Birth, Friends By Choice


Shannon & Her Aunt Doris


Shannon & Family


Shannon Visiting Laurie & Dave


Shannon & Bev's Dog Grooming Business




Shannon Doing Her Thing


Checkout Day


A Birthday Photo At Gandparents


It was Really Her 35th Birthday


Law Enforcement Grad Present


High School Photo


Bay High Wrestlerette


Camping at Old Forge, NY


Christmas Camping Trip


Cruise Ship Window


Vacation in Disney


Happy Birthday Beautiful!


Shannon At her Mom's


Glamour Girl


Showing Off For The Camera


Cruising to the Bahamas


In the Bahamas


Syracuse, NY Duck Pond


Memorial Tattoo of Squirt


Shannon Reflective


Shannon Snorkling in the Grand Caymen


Shannon Camping with Girlfriends


Shannon & Her "Cat" Coat


Looking Cute


Looking, well "sexy"


Looking pretty


Looking STUNNING!!


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