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Kelly Petty

Memorial created 06-14-2007 by
The Petty Family
Bennie Sue Tolley
September 4 1942 - March 18 2003

J Fred Sr. and Mom

Fred Sr. was my stepfathers dad. My mother loved him so much as did everyone who met him. He was a very intesting man with tons of stories. He did a great job raising his children, as my stepfather is the best. I am grateful to have known Fred Sr.


Grandpa and Mom

This picture is of my mother and my grandfather. My mother loved her dad so much. He lived with us for a while when I was a child. It was a tough time for my mother but we all came out of it okay. I am glad to know they are together again in paradise.


Grandma and Mom

This is my grandmother and my mother. My mom went to visit her in Arizona and that is where this was taken. My grandmother died at the age of 90.


This was my mother and her dad going to a local swimming pool. We went there all the time as children.


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