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Kelly Petty

Memorial created 06-14-2007 by
The Petty Family
Bennie Sue Tolley
September 4 1942 - March 18 2003

Grandma and Kalan

This picture was taken with her grandson Kalan when they came to visit.


Grandma and Tori

This picture was taken with Tori Sue on a visit to Grandma's house.


Grandma and Tori

My mother and Tori in Texas on a visit to my brothers house.


Sarah and Grandma

My mother and Sarah, her first grandchild.


Grandma and Sarah 1983

My mother with Sarah when she was a newborn in 1983. My mom was 41 at the time.


Kelly and Grandma

My mother and Kelly posing so they can show off their manicures.


Kelly and Grandma

My mom and Kelly in 1992.


Grandma, Sarah and their Big Fish

My mother and Sarah with a big fish they caught in the pond on their property. We had a lot of fun times fishing!


Grandma and Tori

My mom and Tori making silly faces.


Cole Johnson Petty

Cole is the last grandchild. My mother didn't get to meet him here on earth although I am certain she is looking down on him.


Kalan and Tori Sue

Tori and Kalan are 2 of my brothers children that live in Texas. My mother didn't get to see them as much and missed them constantly.


Sarah, Grandma, Kelly and Allison

This was taken at Joyce's house in Eureka. It is with my mother and all 3 of Joyce's daughters...Sarah, Kelly and Allison


Mom and the girls

Mom, Joyce, Sarah and Kelly



Tori catching a fish, it runs in the family!



Kalan all grown up.

Mom, Sarah and Randy
Mom, Kelly and Kalan

Mom holding her first grandson


Mom, Dad, Randy, Sarah and Emmy

 Mom holding her first grandchild


Allison, Kelly and Sarah at Kellys high school graduation

Mom, Dad and Sarah
Tori and Allison

Tori and Allison taken at my sisters house in Missouri


Mom and Sarah

feeding the ducks


The Girls

Mom with her Missouri grandchildren


Tori and Kalan

Tor and Kalan in Texas.


Hula Girls

When my mom and stepfather got back from their honeymoon they gave the girls hoola skirts! How adorable.



Allison having fun!

Tori Sue
Tori, Cole and George
Kelly, Allison and Sarah 2007
Kalan 6/30/08
Mom and Kelly

Mom and Kelly at the magic house


Mom, Dad and Sarah

goofing around in the pool

Mom and Kelly

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