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In Loving Memory of My Son

Memorial created 04-13-2007 by
Shnorhik Grace Keshishyan
Karapet Gary Aslanyan
December 6 1986 - December 17 2005


Now Available: "The Empty Bedroom" by Grace Keshishyan in memory of my son and to help people who are going through lose of a loved one.  


Thanks to all who have visited my son’s memorial web site, shown your respect and shared your memories. Please let your circle of friends know about this site and ask them to sign on and share their thoughts and memories.  This is one way to show that his spirit is still a live.   You are always with us son. 

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'05 graduate, Gary Aslanyan passes away in accident
By: Neenet Hairapetian

“Let’s get the first hit, the first shot, the first goal,” he would yell before each and every game. He rallied the boys, equipped with their hockey gear, in the locker room and pumped them up, as the captain of the California Golden Bears. He then went home to piles of homework, which more or less were completed on time; and, if they weren’t, it was because he was too busy buying and selling stocks, thinking about his future, or fixing the computers at Clark as an ETIS guy.

On Dec. 17, tragedy struck when 2005 Clark graduate Gary Aslanyan passed away on a kayaking trip, in celebration of completion of one semester of college, in Big Bear Lake. According to Glendale News-Press, at 12:30 p.m., his kayak overturned and he was rescued from 13 feet below the surface of the 37-degree waters. Aslanyan was taken to Loma Linda University Medical Center in critical condition. Unfortunately, he was unable to get through the coma and died four hours later.

His interest in hockey began ten years ago, when he joined the California Golden Bears and was immediately appointed team captain. Senior Michael Madatovyan joined the same team because of Aslanyan.

“He helped by building my confidence and encouraging me to open up and show my talents,” Madatovyan said. According to Madatovyan, he was “a great leader” and always inspired the rest of his team to strive for more.

“His personality changed when he got on the ice from the most laidback person to the most intense player,” Madatovyan said. Aslanyan also played for Team Armenia, with which he was scheduled to play a tournament in Lithuania this year.

Aslanyan demonstrated his independence from an early age. When most high school students begin their first jobs, he took on two: fixing computers at Clark and trading stocks at home.
“He was referred to [ETIS] by another student,” said Agasi Aslanyan, an ETIS technician. For two years, he worked as a student worker, and continued as a university student for another year.

We report with deep sorrow that Gary Aslanyan passed away on Saturday, December 17, 2005, following a boating accident at Big Bear Lake. Gary worked for ETIS for three years, two years as a student worker from Clark Magnet High School, and one year as a university student under a personal service agreement. Gary was attending Cal State University at Northridge as a freshman. He was 19. Services were held on December 22, 2005. Gary will be missed for his accomplishments as a student and employee in this District.

-January 27, 2005: Volume 8, Issue 5

 No one has forgotten you Karo.  You are always with us son!





On December sixth, nineteen eighty six
God gave me my son as very special gift,
To love, to cherish, and to protect him,
Who could have known?
First steps my son made in attempt to walk,
I held his little hands very-very tight.
He wiggled but he didn’t fall,
Over the time he walked very strong
Then, I, had to learn how to let him go
My little fellow walks on his own.
When it was the time to ride his first bike
I stood and watched him not to fall on his back
Who could have known?
He was three years old when his sister was born
My little son was there to help me around
He played with her, held her very tight
Made sure she doesn’t cry.
Who could have known?

First months in preschool he cried after me,
Slept on the bench in school’s library.
Back to school nights, homework’s on math,
Learning alphabet, mother and son talk,
He was very bright.
Reading him stories every single night,
Stroking his back the way he liked,
Caressing his hair until he slept,
I kissed his forehead, wished him good night.
Who could have known?

Hockey practices, was next on our list,
Four days a week I carried his hockey sticks,
Occasionally he made me angry,
‘Cause he played with his sister roughly.
He would rustle her and when she’d cry,
He’d say “sister I’ll give you everything,
But please don’t cry….”
Who could have known?

Unfortunate divorce wiped out the fun of the thirteen years,
Next six years was filled with torn and bitterness,
My son stayed with dad, chose not to see us.
Pockets full with money at age of thirteen
Material things confused his thinking.
Attempts to talk to him for years have failed,
One thing was left to do, ask for God’s help.
I prayed that he's safe, takes care of his health
Until the day comes and he’ll understand.
But who could have known his life would be so brief;
I'd be left behind drowning in my grief.
He turned nineteen in Two Thousand Five,
Drowned in the lake while having fun,
God took back the gift once he had given to me,
His purpose on this earth is complete.
Special memories he had left behind
Will be cherished the rest of my life.
Who could have known I’d be left behind,
Drowning in my grief the rest of my life.

In loving memory of my son... ~By Shnorhik Grace Keshishyan



True Colors

True colors from your life were taken away,
Such as your mother’s love
Hugs, kisses, worm atmosphere of the day,
Laughter that broth you and your sister close
Hockey practices, friends and much more.
It was replaced with glittered dust that sparks,
Lies and confusion with out any facts,
Empire of destruction, castles on the sand,
Things, when we die with us we don’t take.
True colors from your life were taken away.
Such as your mother’s love
Hugs, kisses, worm atmosphere of the day


All the poems on this site are written by Gary's mom. They are going to be published near future In Loving Memory of Gary. These poems are Copyright (2006)Grace Keshishyan. All rights reserved


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