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Memorial created 03-6-2007 by
Jackie Hughes
Taylor Colleen Brush
July 7 1999 - January 24 2000

Your cousin Jessica ("Jecca") loved you soooo much!
This is her today at 22 with your Mommy!


A Poem for Taylor

Written by Jessica Stundtner
January, 2000 You came into our lives on the seventh of July
Who knew in 6 months we'd have to say good-bye
You brought such joy and happiness to everyone
And when it came to love, you got a ton
You never left the hospital because you were so weak
And when your condition worsened, a tear rolled down everyone's cheek
Your parents called you "Bright Eyes" because of your stare
And when people heard your story it was hard for them not to care
You're in everyone's thoughts and no one will ever forget you
We "Could not ask for more" in all that you did and do
You have a baby sister to look over now
Take good care of her, you know how
We miss you more day by day
And we wonder why God didn't give you a chance to stay
Why you had to go through all that pain
Why in the hospital you had to remain
And why you could barely ever feel our touch
But it's harder now because we are missing you so much
Your life was short but every moment was worth it
And no one will forget you, not one bit
This shows how much we care for you
Taylor, we miss you and love you too

Jessica Stundtner
January, 2000
Age 14


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