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Memorial created 03-6-2007 by
Jackie Hughes
Taylor Colleen Brush
July 7 1999 - January 24 2000

The plaque that marks Taylor's 'Isolation Room'
Since the creation of Team Taylor in 2000, the Brush family and their network of family and friends have raised $105,000 for Golisano Children's Hospital at Strong. Their relentless efforts have helped countless babies in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the hospital.
$50,000 of that money went toward purchasing the isolation room where Taylor spent her life.

(the late John Tracey)
with his

John Tracey purchased a $1,500 transilluminator for the NICU. This helps illuminate veins to reduce the number of needle sticks to insert IVs and other medical equipment.
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The "Giraffe" purchased by Team Taylor

An additional $35,000 went toward purchasing a specialized bed called a giraffe ominbed. These amazing beds preform many functions such as taking weight and treating jaundice. They are incubators that allow surgeries and other medical procedures to be done right there, with minimal movement for more fragile infants.
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Proud Sister and Brother!
On June 3rd 2007, as a follow-up to "Miracle Weekend," We were asked to present a "check" on the Channel 10 Telethon. This check included the money we raised from holiday donations, the Dinner Dance and the Stroll. We planned on going as a family but Camryn and Lucas were so tired after such a busy weekend, including the Stroll. Mommy went and presented the check but Camryn and Lucas were proud to display it at home!

Now that's a lot of money!

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