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Jackie Hughes
Taylor Colleen Brush
July 7 1999 - January 24 2000

Lime Lake Memories...

We can't help but think about how much fun Taylor would have had at our cottage on Lime Lake. Just days before Taylor was born, we had just returned from our traditional Fourth of July trip to the cottage. Since Taylor was supposed to be born in August, we knew that would be our last trip for the summer. We were looking forward to bringing Taylor there the following summer when she was just about a year old. We were unable to do this since Taylor died that winter. Instead I spent the following summer pregnant for our second baby girl, Camryn. It was such a bittersweet time for us, excited about having a new baby but missing Taylor terribly. Camryn was born that fall of 2000, 10 months after Taylor died. During the summer of 2002, on a day we were to leave for a cottage trip, I found out I was expecting Lucas! We were so excited!

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Now, the cottage is a home away from home for Camryn and Lucas. They both LOVE boating, swimming, fishing, playing, and spending time with friends and family at the cottage. We often watch them and think of how much Taylor would have loved it too. As a matter of fact, we often hear Edwin McCain's "Could Not Ask for More" on our way home from the cottage. That was the song we played at Taylor's funeral and we know it's a sign from her telling us that she was with us on our trip!


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