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Marcella Bellefleur (Joey's mom)
Joey Cyr
November 2 1977 - December 18 2006

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 On December 17, 2006 at 4:15am, I received a phone call from my daughter Monica, Joey's sister, who told me he had fallen and hit his head and that the cops took him to the "Grand Falls General Hospital". Few hours later he was transfered the "Edmundston Regional Hospital". When we arrived in Edmundston not long after her call, the doctor told us that he was unconscious and that nothing they could do for him there and that they had to transfered him to the "Enfant Jesus Hospital" in Quebec. Four hours from where we live.

We asked to see him before they transfered him...we were allowed to see him just for a few minutes. Still unconscious, I kissed him and told him to hang in there that they would take good care of him and that I loved him. Monica and I, both never drove to Quebec. We couldn't let Joey go alone. Without any hesitation, we went. We had to be with him.

 We got lost a few times in the city but we finally made it. As we arrived at the hospital, a brain surgeon was already waiting for us and told us that he had a serious head trauma, he was bleeding badly inside and that two third of his brain wasn't working anymore and he was getting worse, that he was getting in a deeper coma and that it wasn't irreversable.

The brain surgeon gave us 3 options:

  1. To let him die by himself which would have been within 48 hours
  2. To unplug the respirator and let him go within an hour or
  3. To donate his vital organs.

 We talked about it both we had to wait for Joey<s dad and girlfriend to arrive before giving our decision. We all agreed to donate his organs.

Joey would have wanted this. I know he wouldn't be angry at us since he had a big heart and that he was always there to help someone.

The doctors let us stay with Joey till the next day and at 8:50 that morning, they took him off the life support for 10 minutes. We wanted so much to see a miracle happen but Joey didn't do anything. Never blinked an eye, move a finger or even try to take a breath, That's when the doctors pronounced him dead. But to keep his vital organs alive for the transplants, they had to put the respirator back in.We were allowed to stay with him till 4:00 pm that day. Then they had to transfer him to an other hospital for the transplants. It was very hard to go back home and leave him there, knowing we would never see him again. I wanted so much to stay with him longer.

 The next morning, Quebec-Transplant called me at home at 10:30 and told me that all went well and that moment they were transplanting his heart to a very young person.  

 Exactly a month after Joey's death a receive a letter from Transplant-Quebec telling me that all the recipients were doing well. Joey may be gone but parts is still alive. His heart, liver, kidneys, pancreas and cornea still lives in other people's bodies. We lost Joey but I'm happy to say that he gave a second chance of life to 5 other person.

Thanks to Joey and Quebec-Transplant

Still on this day,4 months after his death we still don't know exactly what really happened. The investigation is in the hand of the prosecutor. We heard all kind of stories from different people. Which one is true? We don't know yet. We know for sure that this guy pushed him and Joey hit his head on the cement floor. He left the place and was found unconscious on the sidewalk 15 minutes later. Now we have to wait and this is very painful.

We miss you so much Joey and we all love you dearly. One day we will see each other again.





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