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Memorial created 02-18-2007 by
Jamie & John Reel
Nicholaus O'Brien Reel
February 2 2000 - February 23 2000
There's a Baby There, I Promise:)
Excuse me, makin' my mansion here...
Hello, Out There!!
Hello - Still Here:)
Totally Chillin'
Leaving the Hospital
Trying to Crawl
Crawling isn't Easy
Tired from Working So Hard
Sound Asleep, Looks like Daddy
Oh, So Loved
Abby & Nicholaus

Nicholaus was trying to crawl, he had one leg up, tipped to the side, & Abby ran over with a book to read to him.


Rachelle & Nicholaus

     Rachelle & Abygale were both very helpful when Nicholaus came home. Here Rachelle was helping Nicholaus get the bootie back on that kept falling off


Rachelle, Abygale & Nicholaus

    This picture and the next one, I was trying to get a nice picture of all three of them together side by side...


     Well, this is as close to it as I could get - what could be better?

Cousin Andy & Nicholaus (1 day old)
Home After a Check-up at the Dr.'s

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