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This is in loving memory of my Beautiful Niece Gina. I love and miss you so very much. You and my Angel Boy Brian take care of each other and watch over me and your Mom! Love Aunt Becky

Memorial created 01-23-2007 by
Trudy (Momma) and Aunt Becky
Gina Marie Dumas
November 22 1986 - January 23 2006

Our Beautiful Gina~The summer of ~2004~~



Our Little Gina~Bear


God saw you getting tired, and a cure was not to be. So He put His arms around you and whispered "Come to me." A golden heart stopped beating, hard working hands now rest. God broke our hearts to prove to us He only takes the best.


Sweet Alexia and~Her Auntie Gina~Bear~

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Love is like a butterfly~~it goes wherever it pleases and pleases wherever it goes.  ♥



Alexia & Auntie Chrissy at the Ocean!

To My Dearest Gina



For Christmas 2006 (&  2005), ~Your Big Sis :) Chrissy took Lexi to California !They went to Lego Land & to the Beach!Here's a picture of Chrissy & Lexi at the Beach ! Alexia brought home Sea ~ Shells

We ALL Love You!   Always&Forever !

XOXOX To The Moon & Back



Alexia Ann & Auntie Chrissy Love & Miss YOU so much!




~  Today is February 22, 2007.I'm not sure WHY the 22nd of each month is just as hard to face as the 23rd of each month!But I think it's because of a few reasons!The first being that my Gina's Birthday is on the 22nd of November!On January 22nd 2005 Gina insisted that I move in with her & her boyfriend - Also ~ On that day - (January 22nd 2005) -  Gina & Steve had gone back to the Hassett House to get more things -Like clothes, dishes, Silverware & things they needed for their apt!   They were on their way back to their apt.(where I was),Anyway - they saw Jerry (Who lived across the street from Hassett)!  Anyway - Gina told Jerry that I (her Momma), could use some company & she asked him if he wanted to go back to their apt. (Where I was)!Jerry had just bought a Pizza !  So - Gina is the one who lined me up with Jerry !  I would always tease her & say what She Really Wanted that night ~Was the PIZZA !heeheehee***************************

I Love my 3 Daughters so much & to me....have the Most Beautiful Girls in the World!And then there's :)  Alexia Ann!!I have truly been Blessed! But I still don't understand why Our Heavenly Father & Jesus took  Gina ! Why didn't they take ME!  Gina had her whole Life in front of Her!  She was trying SOooo hard!I'm not blaming GOD for taking her! I just wish I could understand WHY!? I miss You SO, So Much ~ My GinaBear !   And Oh How I Love YOU ! 

My Sweet ANGeL ! To The Moon & Back !Always & Forever!

Your MommaBear!aka Trudy !





My new Bling



~ In Loving Memory of My Beautiful Daughter ~ Gina~


~Good Morning My Precious GinaBear!I got this BeautifuL ButterfLy Tattoo on my Left Shoulder! In Memory Of You ~ My Precious & Beautiful Gina Marie ~    It took My Tattoo artist (Harrison), over 4 hours to do the Tattoo.I held perfectly still the Whole time! Can you believe it? And it hurt like a Son of a GUN! When I was trying to decide what kind of Butterfly Tattoo I wanted & what Colors it would be ~ I came across your white purse ~ The one I had a Dream about ~two or three days after you had gone to Heaven ~ The purse that YOU had me look inside of!   Then you told me what Had Happened the last day/night you were here.    

In the Dream ~ You had me look inside the purse; at first I didn't see anything so YOU told me to look again!Then I saw two things! The key to your Dads safe and also a pill that was about the size of a Quarter.    You were just trying to find something to help you sleep! Not knowing that taking 5 of that particular pill ~ would end your LIFE ~ here on Earth! When I had the dream ~ I knew you didn't even have a white purse.Or SO I thought!

When I was going through the things your Dad brought to me ~ I found the White purse. I was shocked.But the only things you had in the purse was your Brush with strands of your Beautiful Long Blonde hair - that made me cry so hard! There was also some lip gloss & 4 Markers : Pink, Teal, Navy Blue & Green. Those are the 4 colors I had my Tattoo done in.

The Butterfly that I used for a 'pattern' was the silk Butterfly that was inside the Plant that your Uncle Kelly & Aunt Karen), gave me at Your Memorial!!

We ALL Love you Sweetheart Angel! Always & Forever !

To the Moon & Back !XOXOXYour MommaBear!


~ YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL GiNA~BEAR ~ December 2005 ~
~ Our Precious Gina Marie ~ 2004 ~
~ Gina's Momma and Auntie Becky at Gina's Memorial ~ January 28, 2006 ~
Emily looks more like you all the time

~Gina~October 29, 2004

My new Bling






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