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Memorial created 10-2-2006 by
Edith Thompson
Dennis Michael Maddolo
October 11 1979 - January 20 2006

This online memorial was created in loving memory of Dennis Maddolo, whose life story is told throughout this memorial website. Please sign Dennis's guest book and let us know you came to visit. We will remember Dennis forever.


Please don't say that I gave up, Just that I gave in. Don't say I lost the battle, For it was God's war to lose or win. Please don't say how good I was, But that I did my best. Just say that I tried to do what was right, To give the most I could, not less. Please don't give me wings or halos, For that's for God to do. I want no more than I deserve, No extras, just my due. Please don't give me flowers, Or talk in real hushed tones. Don't be concerned about me now, I'm well with God and I've made it home. Don't just remember the good times, But remember some of the bad. For life is full of many things, Some happy and some sad. But if you must do something, Then I have one request. Thank God for my soul's resting, Thank God I've been blessed, Thank God for all who love me, Praise God who loves me best.


LETTER TO MOM Mom, please don't feel guilty it was just my time to go. I see you are still feeling sad, and the tears just seem to flow. We all come to earth for our lifetime, and for some it's not many years. I don't want you to keep crying, you are shedding so many tears. I haven't really left you even though it may seem so. I have just gone to my heavenly home, and I'm closer than you know. Just believe that when you say my name I'm standing next to you. I know you long to see me, but there's nothing I can do. But I'll still send you messages and hope you understand. That when your time comes to "cross over," I'll be there to take your hand.


Dennis suffered from drug addiction for several years.after going thru rehab several times,he had finally gotten his life together in the spring of 2005.Who would have guessed that 1 night out w/friends (?)would lead to his death.The choice was his to make,but I doubt he knew how badly this would effect his family,especially his 5 y/o son Anthony who misses him more then anyone can believe.All the things Dennis was looking forward to,Anthony's 1st day of school,Disney vacations,Eagles & Flyers games will never happen now. .


Dennis' son Anthony made this hat for his "Bubba" on Mother's Day 2007..I love It.!!


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