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Memorial created 07-7-2006 by
Pam Taylor
Kelli Laine Lewis
July 18 1982 - January 21 2001

This online memorial was created in loving memory of Kelli Lewis, whose story is told throughout this memorial website. Please sign Kelli's guest book and let us know you came to visit. We will remember Kelli forever.

Kelli was killed when she was 18  by two underage drunk drivers + the three morons that sold alcohol to teens. 

Adults passes out flyers at her high school that for $5.00 a head- kids could come and drink all they wanted. over 60 high school students did just that- sadly Kelli was one of them.

Kelli left with a good designated driver- but she drank so much at the "party" she refused to leave with her driver.
Kelli's designated driver found her another ride- but that girl just left her there and knew me, my phone number and knew i was the mom that would come and pick kids up in these circumstances.

Kelli rode home with two boys from her school. driver tommy byington and jason dye. 3 miles from our house- the car kelli was a passenger in- raced on impulse with another underage drunk driver that had also been at the "party" and was following them in his car.

i know my daughter begged for her life in that car- as she always had a strong feeling she would die exactly like this.

we even talked about it earlier that day.

the car kelli was in- went off the road and all 3 died on impact. the other underage drunk driver was allowed to "call a friend" as he was too drunk to drive his own car home. we will never know what exactly happened- but everyone that saw those tire marks knew something did not add up- and there was paint from each car on both vehicals. hmmm.

our state highway patrol does NOT carry a field breathalyzer- and this was the lame reason we were given why this boy was not charge with a even a dui. oh, and they couldnt charge him with a speeding ticket (70 in a 35) as "we have to see them speeding and drinking and driving to charge them with it."

we are still trying to figure out why the "adults" were never charged- as i even provided the 3 state agencies involved with the address after jason's father and i found it for them. how can a huge state investigators office not make one of those kids talk? maybe because they only interviewed 9 out of the over 60 that were there that night. i made one phone call and found out the address. then we provided pictures of my daughter in that house on that night- with bottles of alcohol lined up on a table in the backgroud. you would think that would be enough- but no, NO CHARGES. these 3 "adults" knew those four kids left their house that night and that 3 died- and do you know they had a "party" the very next saturday and continued to do so for 8 months until they moved!

so am i still a lil bitter? YES!!! we are well aware that our children participated in their owns deaths. people make bad choices-like our children did- and they all paid the ulimate price for theirs- we only wish others would have been responsible for their own actions that night!!! i understand the other driver that lived and was involved made the same bad choice that night- i'm not so mad at him as i am the "adults" and the "troopers" at the scene that night.

hopefully if your on this sight you understand everyone does their grief differently. i have many of the usual nice tribute sites for kelli- however i choose to now be pro-active in making changes to this state and try to not have another parent make a memorial site for their child.

please dont call any *crash involving alcohol an "accident" alcohol+driving= never an accident!


Kelli,  who we called "Keddi-girl"  had the best laugh ever and a very giving heart


A million dollar smile that took $5.00 to take away



Kelli & I had the typical mother/teen relationship.   we fought hard but loved harder.

I'll never be the same without my baby girl


Kelli's last birthday on earth


visit Kell's page- CLICK HERE TO GET TO KNOW KELLI  & see how she's been saving lives all over the world! 










this is "kelli’s law" :


 please mail these people....some will not read the mail- so this time, in the subject line put this:


"kelli’s law, pass  H 3634"


so if they dont open it- at least they know people are fighting for this.
you can mail them all at once to make it easier


you dont have to be 18 or live in the state or even the country


it’s email= they have no idea who you are. lol    so please write! 
copy & paste all- there is also a sample letter if you are stuck on what to say.        thank you all so much!!!   love & gratitude, pam= kelli’s mom

To the state, press and MADD of South Carolina,
my friend Kelli Laine Lewis was killed Jan. 21, 2001 by two underage drunk drivers racing on impulse.  The other underage drunk driver that lived was allowed to "call a friend" as he was too drunk to drive his own car home!  the trooper stated that he could not charge the underage drunk driver that lived with a DUI because the SCHP does not carry a field breathalyzer .
"unless we see them drinking and driving we cannot charge them with a DUI"  stated trooper Mike Still to three family’s being told their child was never coming home again.

thank you,
~your mom    haha 
this outrages me and I no longer feel safe in the state of South Carolina.  please pass H 3634 so that lives will be saved.  Charges not being filed when 3 children are killed leads me to believe that South Carolina is not doing all they can to address the issues of drunk driving.  
every state in the nation carry’s a field breathalyzer but South Carolina, do you think that’s why SC is 2nd in the nation for drunk driving fatalities?  just a thought.
to make it worse, if that’s possible,

the 3 "adults" that sold alcohol to over 60 high school students were never charged either. even when kelli’s mom located the house AND then provided pictures inside that house, from that night- with underage drinkers and bottles of alcohol lined up on a table in the background!  still no charges?  this is NOT acceptable!
where is justice for my friend Kelli? how could 3 different state agencies not have charged the 4 people involved with the deaths of the 3 people that died that night?

please make my friend kelli’s life and death matter in the state of SC by passing H 3634.  

umm kidding of course.  you dont have to give a name.
ps: i think it’s pathetic that MADD will not help with this. 
they’ve never even responded to all the mail previously posted in the comment section of this blog.   so umm, lets keep mailing them and find out why.



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