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Memorial created 12-15-1997 by
Alvin Chng
Guan Hin Tan
May 1 1928 - September 14 1997

Born in Penang, Malaysia in 1928, Guan-Hin Tan was a devoted art teacher in Taiping, a small town in the state of Perak in Malaysia. He studied at Chung Ling High School, Penang and later graduated from Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1961.

He spend most of his life teaching and helping under-priviledge students to regain their self esteem and prepared them to face upto the challenges in society. Although there were many attractive offers for him to go overseas to teach drawing, his first love, he turned them down in favour of staying back in a small town to continue his teaching and spend most of his time drawing and teaching the fine skills of art appreciation to his students.

He held numerous one-man exhibitions in United Kingdom since 1980, viz. Kelvin gallery, Glasgrow (1980), Saltire Gallery, Edinburgh (1980),Scottish Amicable Building, Glasgow (1981), Ewan Mundy Fine Arts, Glasgow (1981), Cumbria College of Art, Carlisle (1982), Glasgow School of Art (1983), Glasgow Art Centre (1983), Pitiochry Festival Theatre, Scotland (1983). Touring Exhibition - Hightland Region Galleries, Scotland (1984-85) and Harbour Arts Centre, Irvine, Scotland (1985), Chin Woo Art Gallery, Kuala Lumpur(1986, 1995), Galeria, Penang (1990) and Buddhist Society, Taiping (1995), Kirkcaldy gallery & Museum, Scotland (1981), Highland Folk Musem, Kingussie, Scotland (1981), Grundy House Museum, Blackpool, England (1983) and Rozelle House, Ayr, Scotland (1983).

A few of his wonderful drawings

He also participated in various group exhibitions include Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan (1958,1959,1960,1961), Kwong Tong Association, Taiping, Malaysia (1965,1969), Royal Glasglow Institute of Fine Arts, Scotland (1976), Third Eye Centre, Glowglow, Scotland (1976, 1980), Kelvin Gallery, Glasglow, Scotland (1976,1978,1979,1980,1981), Arko Gallery, London (1981), Inverclyde Art Exhibition, Scotland (1981), Stirlng Gallery & Museum, Scotland (1918), Euro Art Centre, San Francisco (1985, 1986), State Museum, Penang, Malaysia (1986), Salon Glasglow, Glasgow (1992), and Scottish Arts Club, Edinburge, United Kingdom (1993).

His paintings are collected in various countries including USA, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Thailand, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Germany, Japan and Philippines to name a few.

There will be a memorial exhibition in Penang at the State Art Gallery, Level 3, Dewan Seri Pinang from 1st to 30th September, 1998. The official opening by the Chief Minister of Penang is on 14th September at 5.30 PM. The Hon'ble Chief Minister picked this date as it makes the first anniversary of Guan-Hin's passing. Another exhibition will be held in Taiping at Hua Lian's old Boys Association from the 2nd to 4th October, 1998 and the official opening is on 3rd October, his first death anniversary according to the Chinese calendar.
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