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Memorial created 03-17-2006 by
Janice Hullender
Dottie Horner Walker
November 19 1922 - December 2 2005


"Fare Thee Well"

She has left us for another world,
We wanted her so to stay,
We loved her so very much,
Why was she taken away?

Only God can give the answer,
Surely it was His omen,
To fill an empty seat in heaven,
With a kind, christian woman.

She gave her all in this life,
So generous to everyone;
Especially to those most loved,
Her husband and three sons.

So many times we will recall,
Her kind and loving face;
We know without a single doubt,
No one can take her place.

She shared her life so lovingly,
By giving and caring for others;
Her thoughtful and unselfish ways,
Made her the "Queen" of Mothers.


Her Book Of Life has now been closed,
The pages slowly fade away,
The chapters of memories left behind,
Will be cherished each passing day.

Why our Mother had to leave,
Surely no one understands;
We are all content to know,
She is now in our Father's hands,

She has left us for another world,
A haven in the sky,
We all plan to meet her there,
In the sweet bye and bye.



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