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Memorial created 04-30-2002 by
Elaine Malkin
Robert Malkin
November 5 1976 - May 4 1998

The accident...

On May 4,1998 at 6pm when the Florida Police pulled into our driveway we knew it had to be any parentís worse nightmare.

That morning Robert registered for Summer school and was so happy to get the classes he wanted. He then went to work out. Before he left to work out, his last words to me was that he appreciates everything that dad and you do for me. Robert was going to college and working part time. Someone said to me Robert must have had a feeling something was going to happen because of his last words to me. His sister Beth said he would always say how he appreciates whatever we do for him.

The day of the accident Robert was coming home from the gym He had his wallet in the glove compartment of his car. Robert was driving east in the middle land of 3 lanes. A 55 year old women going west at 65 miles an hour (in a 45 mile an hour zone) lost control, crossed the median and hit Robert in the middle lane.

Six hours later the FHP came to our house to tell us and the first thing they said was it wasnít Robertís fault, but to me it didnít matter my son was gone! We still have many unanswered questions, especially about the woman who hit Robertís car. She was apparently a known drug and alcohol abuser and yet wasnít tested for either on the day of the accident. She was transported to a trauma hospital by helicopter were she was released and given just a careless driving ticket and 4 weeks later was back on the road. We feel she murdered our beloved sonÖ

We are also saddened and deeply upset that by the time we were notified of Robertís accident it was too late to donate his organs. Our son would have wanted to help anyone he could, if they had just looked in the glove box for his ID at the accident. Lots of mistakes were also made by the police such as listing him as a 46 year old male rather than the 21 Ĺ year old he was. Iíve also not been able to read the police report 4 years later!

We love and miss Robert so much!!


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