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Memorial created 02-25-2002 by
Chrissy Breaux
Jennifer Lorraine Breaux
March 23 1983 - June 15 2000


Angels Wings
The Angels whispered in the night,
As they quietly took Jenny to the light.

So gently and caring, they came to bring her home,
As God opened his arms to welcome her there,
In Heaven he said, "She Belongs."

The angels laughed and sung, with such delight,
For a young Angel, named Jenny will fly tonight.

No more pain or suffering, she shall see,
Only peace and happiness there will be.

The people left behind, will feel the pain,
the absence of her love, the sweet sound of her name.
For to us all, she left her love,
But God needs her now, above.

She shall soar in Heaven now,
With golden wings and Angel's love.

As she whispers,
"Thank you God, for freeing my soul and allowing me to soar above."
"Please tell all below, I'm happy now and I'm glad I knew their love"
"But Here in Heaven is Where I wish to Be !"

By: Chrissy Breaux (7/5/2000)

Jennifer fought a hard battle with Rett Syndrome and severe seizures all of her life. She never spoke many words, but she had her own pet names for her parents; Daddy(DeeDee or Tigger) Mommy (Sissy).

We know she had a special task in her life. I just hope that I can be 1/3 of a person she was.. and then I will have accomplished what God sent her here for. Her favorite color was Red. She loved Winnie the Pooh, her favorite was Tigger. She enjoyed eating, her favorite food was french fries, and animal cookies. She loved for us to sing, "Jesus Loves Jenny" and every night I (Mommy) had to read the bible to her, sing to her and pray with her. She loved school and all of her friends and teachers. She loved to take rides with her PCA sitter "Mrs.Peggy" and Megan, (Mrs. Peggy's daughter) and she had many friends and family that loved her and she loved them, but her favorite was always her Dad, Ron.

Jenny passed away in her sleep. She had a smile on her face, so in my heart I know she seen Jesus and went with him so peacefully. We will always miss her and love her, our hearts are broken, but with God carrying us we will make it through.

Many people in her life could not accept her or they would say it was our fault that she was handicapped, mentally and physically, but one scripture from the bible stayed with me: As Jesus passed by he saw a man blind from birth. 2. His disciples asked him, "Rabbi, who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind? 3. Jesus answered, "Neither he nor his parents sinned: it is so that the works of God might be made visiable through him. John 9: 1-3

I wrote a book about her one day I will publish, "Heaven Sent" for she was an Angel.
Till we met again,
"Our Sweet Angel"
Love, Mommy & Daddy
In Memory Of Jennifer Lorraine Breaux 3/23/1983 - 6/15/2000


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