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Brenda D Luteran

Memorial created 09-17-2015 by
Brenda Luteran
Steven Paul Luteran
January 20 1978 - March 5 1999

His School Picture 1992

This online memorial was created in loving memory of Steven Paul Luteran, whose life story is told throughout this memorial website. Please sign Steven 's guest book and let us know you came to visit. We will remember Steven forever.

Steven was hit and killed while crossing the street after getting off his School Bus. By a driver who did not stop for the bus.


This didn't have to happen but it did!


He had just turned 14. He Loved Art and was a natural at drawing. He loved life, playing chess, and his favorite band was Guns N Roses  This was his song I remember him saying to me, Wanted Dead or Alive.

I miss him each day that I live.

I Love him more than life itself.



Our Last Trip at Bush Gardens Steven & I ( His Mom ).

 Our last trip together was at Bush Gardens 1991. As always a day filled with love and fun. Every day was that way.


Steven & I ( His Mom ) at Bush Gardens

 He was always making funny faces. 


Our Last Xmas Together 1991

 Our last Christmas together at my parents house 1991


Steven & Sebastion his nephew he loved dearly

 Steven & Sebastion he loved his nephew and tried to spend as much time with him as he could.


Steven, His brother Jay & Sebastion

 Steven with his brother Jay and Jay's son Sebastion.


Steven & Sebastion

 Steven with Sebastion. Steven loved life and it showed in his picture's. 


A Poem For Steven

 The moment that you left me my heart was split in two. one side was filled with memories, the other side went with you. I often lay awake at night when the whole world is asleep and take a walk down memory lane with tears upon my cheek. Remembering you is easy, I do it everyday. But missing you is a heartache that never goes away. I hold you tightly within my heart and there you will remain. You see, life has gone on without you, but will never be the same.

I Love You Steven and look forward to the day I am with you again.


Some of Steven's Art Work

 Steven Loved Art, as I build his page I'll be including a lot  of his art work  along with many pictures of him and his family and friends. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Thank You Steven for leaving me parts of you.


He Loved Art

 He drew a variety of art he started at a very young age.One day, I hope to publish a book showing his work. He is a true artist. He did everything free hand, no tracing was allowed he would say!


He Called This Beach Bum

 More art work he called this Beach Bum and he signed it lower left hand corner


The Ultimate Maze

 He loved drawing mazes he called this one The Ultimate Maze. You have a starting point then you try and find the way out.


Steven & I

 Steven & I  (His Mom)


Steven Made This For Me

 Steven made this for me while at school. I am part Indian and he loved that. It's made from leather the tee pee and the canoe. 


Steven & Jeremy His Brother at park

 Steven and his brother Jeremy at park when they were small. As you will see the pictures are not in order I'm mixing them up. 


The Kids at park

 Steven is towards the top in the black shirt. His brother Jay hanging onto a limb and his other brother Jeremy being held he's in red. We always got together with the family members their  cousins and friends. We would have cook outs, this was at Hammock Park in Dunedin.


Steven at the beach

 We spent a lot of time at the beach and I was always taking pictures and using filters for my camera, this is one of them.


Such an angel

 Steven was praying age 3 1/2


A Star Fish From Steven

 I had a dream where Steven and I were walking on the beach. He pointed to where a starfish was. He said that was for me.We live on the water so I walked the beach a lot looking for it, and I found it right where he said it was. He still sends me signs that he is still with me, how I cherish them and all my dreams of him. Since then, I haven't found a starfish and it's been years.


A Starfish Heart

 Steven always made me hearts. And when I picked up his starfish and brought it in, it had formed a heart.


Starfish in shadow box table

 We have a shadow box sea shell table that's where I keep his starfish.


Wood Heart Steven Made

 Steven made me a heart in wood shop in school. He always gave me hearts of some kind. I am forever greatful.



 Steven in a blue frame his last school picture. I have much more to post so come back and visit and Thank You for all your kind words.


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