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Teresa Shepard
Taycia Marie Bertoch
November 21 1992 - October 10 2011

My Butterfly; Fly Free Babygirl.

Taycia Marie Bertoch

November 21 1991 - October 10 2011

Our beautiful angel Taycia Marie returned to her Heavenly Father's loving arms on October 10, 2011.

Taycia was born in Salt Lake City to parents Donald and Teresa on November 21, 1992.  Her smile was infectious from the day she was born throughout her whole life.  It was rare to ever see Taycia without a big smile and beaming blue eyes.

Taycia love being with her family and friends.  She loved kids, dancing, modeling and music.  She was a people pleaser and loved to make everyone around her happy. She accomplished a lot and graduating from Granite Peals High School was her biggest.

She dedicated her life to helping children and making the world a better place.  She felt children were the future and the most important thing in life.Her niece and Nephews, Zackerry, Chassidy, and Dreden meant the world to her and she would move the world for them.

Taycia is survived by her Father Donald Bertoch (Jennifer) Mother Teresa J Shepard (Michael N Shepard) Brother Casey R. Folkes. Wife Jessica Folkes,  Jason A. Bertoch, Sister Sha Lyn Folkes, Nephew Zackerry Shaden Folkes, Chassidy Joy Folkes, Dreden Casey Folkes, Her Grandparents Gene R. and Janet Jensen. David K. and Kathrine Shepard, Joe and Marsha Sherwood, Steve and Debbie Bertoch, and  BFF Mckayla Aldred and Jessica Salisbury. She is also survived to countless family and friends who loved her dearly.  Taycia is preceded in death by dear friend Brandi Rae McClellan.

Family and Friends may come give their condolences on Thursday, October 13, 2011 from 6-8 pm and Friday, October 14, 2011 from 10- 10:45, services will be Friday October Th at 11:00 am.  All services will be performed at Larkin Sunset Gardens at 1950 E 10600 S, Sandy UT On line condolences www.larkincares.com





Tay Tay,

I want to start off by saying you were the little sister I always wanted.  Even though we weren't really sisters, blood couldn't have made us closer. Ever since you were little you have been a big part of my life and I am so thankful for that.  You have brought so much joy and happiness to all off our lives.

I remember when you were little and we were at your dad's house and every night you would sleep with me and hold me with your little arms just wrapped around me so tight.  You were the sweetest girl I ever knew.  You could always bring a smile to my face.  I remember having to go to a program and I hadn't seen you for a while.  You sent me pictures that you, kenzie, and Kayla had colored and I hung them on the wall the entire time I was there.  I just cried and wished that I was with you protecting you like a big sister should.  I couldn't wait to see you when I got out.  We went to see the movie Uptown Girls and that became our movie.

I watched you grow up into a beautiful young lady.  You made all the guys turn their heads when you walked by. Of course, you did your share of turning your heads to check the boys out to. You loved going to school, being with all of your friends and you love all of you teachers.  You were so excited to graduate and you did it! graduating early from Granite Peaks High School. We were all so proud of you.

Anyone who ever came around you fell in love with your at that moment.  You drew people to you like glue.  Your personality shined like the sun.  You had the biggest heart and would do anything to make other people happy. You always put everyone else's needs before your own.  You were such a great auntie.  You loved doing anything and everything with your niece and nephews.  You took them everywhere with you.  Some of their favorite things were ice skating, movies, fairs and shopping.  You loved being with kids and they loved being with you.

You were the easiest person talk to.  I could tell you anything and everything, you would always make me feel better, you were always willing to listen to anyone and were never judgmental.  You were there for me through some of the most difficult times.  After my best friend Brandi passed away you were the person I could always count on to go with me to visit her.  Your love and support helped get met through it.  You were my shoulder to cry on.

One of my favorite memories with you was driving four hours to Fish Lake.  Just me and you listening to country music and talking about everything.  Another great trip was going to Arizona to see your Mom and Mike and all of us being together,  we all hung out in the pool relaxing and watching the stars.  We had so much fun cooking in the kitchen together while your mom taught us how to make potato salad and deviled eggs.  I remember your saying that we should get together and cook at least once a month.  You enjoyed cooking and making new recipes.  One of your favorite things to do on the weekend was to have a BBQ.  You love to BBQ chicken and watch football.  Pittsburgh Steelers were your team and you were always cheering them on.

We loved shopping on Black Friday with your mom, mike, Sha and me.  We would stay up all night getting coffee and going to all the different stores for the best sales.  That became one of our favorite holiday traditions that we all enjoyed doing together.  You love Christmas and giving gifts to everyone if possible you would have given the world to everyone.

I know you always wanted to be in a music video and you were so happy to be in your brother Casey's video.  You loved going to his shows and watching your brother up on the stage.  You were definitely his biggest fan and he love you so much.  You were is little TayDay.  You told me your dreams of wanting to be a social worker and you wanted to go into modeling and acting.  You wanted to change the world and knew you would one day.  You were a go getter and once you set your mind to something you were determine=mined to keep working at i until you achieved it.

Even though your were the baby in the family you always were the one to try to take care of everyone.  You are your Mothers angel baby.  I know you are watching down on all of us. Baby Tay, until we meet again know that you will live on through our hearts and memories. 

We Love You!

                             Speech Spoken By  Jessica Pearson Folkes 

                                                          (Sister In Law)



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