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Memorial created 01-5-2012 by
Ashley Fannin
Cullen Holt Fannin
November 16 2011 - November 16 2011

This memorial is in memory of our baby boy Cullen Holt Fannin. He was born 3 months early on November 16th, 2011 at 10:35am, weighing 13.4 ounces and was 10.5 inches long. He joined his aunt Amanda Rose and great-grandparents in Heaven at 12pm, only an hour and 25 minutes after he was born. I wonder if he would've been a shy, sweet, good ol' country boy like his Daddy or a trouble maker who loves metal music and tells everyone exactly what he thinks like his Mommy. We'll never know those things, but I think in our hearts, we know he would've been perfect, just as he was when he was born. He looked just like his Daddy, only with my mouth and chin. He would've been tall with kinky pitch black hair, chubby cheeks, and beautiful green eyes. He would have been the perfect mix of both of us, and he was. He was and still is everything we ever wanted and we will always have him with us in our hearts, even if I still don't think thats good enough. We live everyday for him, missing him and loving him more than anything in our lives.







"Your little baby cries too much, my little one makes no sound.

Your little baby lays warm in bed, my little one lays in the ground.

Your little baby woke up today, my little one never will.

Your little baby can laugh and play, my little one stays still every day.

Your little baby makes u proud, my little one makes me cry.

But when your little baby was learning to walk, my little one could already fly."


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