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Memorial created 10-22-1997
Gary Norfleet
June 10 1975 - June 10 1975

Gary Gene Norfleet, Jr.

June 10, 1975


Gary Gene Norfleet, Jr. was born 22 years ago weighing 2 lbs. 1 oz. He was born prematurely. His due date was August 27, 1975. Gary died shortly after birth because his little lungs were just to tiny to sustain life. Back in those days we did not have the modern technology that we have today. I am so very happy when I hear of a baby who was as small as mine as is now able to survive.

Gary was my first born child and my parents first grandson so he was and still is very special to us. He is my precious little angel in the sky above that God has blessed me with. Not a day goes by that I do not think of him. He holds a very very special place in my heart. I have loved him from the day he was conceived and I shall love him for all eternity.

Even though it has been 22 years I still take the time to celebrate the day of his birth. This day will always be very special to me for on this day I learned the love of being a mother and the special love a baby brings into your heart. A love that is unconditional and that can never be destroyed. A love that last forever.

I often wonder what his life would be like if he had lived. Would he be married now? Would I be a grandma now? But, in my heart, I know this was not meant to be or he would still be with us here on earth.

I know Gary is up above in heaven with God and he is my very special little angel. Instead of me taking care of his needs all of these years he has been watching over me.

Gary is in a place of beauty without the sadness we experience. He is a free spirit with no boundaries. An angel who has given so much to so many.

My precious little angel, mommy loves you today, yesterday and for all of the tomorrows. Hugs and kisses my little one until we meet again.

Janet M. Moon
--submitted 4-11-97

Having never seen my child, I feel this picture most appropriate
as my son is an "Angel."
"Angel Cherish" was sent to watch over me by a very
special child named Corey.
This child has brought love within my heart and soul
filling an emptiness. I feel "Angel Cherish"
belongs on this page as Corey's reflection
touched my heart in a way no other has.

Dec 08 1997, 06:47:09 -- Corey

Jan, My mother helped me to find your son's page. I am very sorry you had to lose yor baby. But my mom says the babies are Angels now and they watch over us till we can be with them. I never got to ever see my sister because she was gone by the time I was born. But I think she might have liked me okay if I didn't bug her and stuff. I have a brother who will be 17 soon and he is nice and we put flowers on Jessi's grave on her birthday everytime. My mom read your son's page too and she was crying and stuff when she read the poems. I thought she was hurt but she said it was a good cry. She liked your poems. Well I hope this isn't too long a letter and I am done now. Your Friend Corey ( my friends call me Corey) bye


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