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Tamika Conner

Memorial created 02-17-2011 by
Tamika Conner
Anthony O'sean De'Mario Conner
June 2 1992 - July 10 2010


The signs were there but I did not know.  I got on you 7/6/10 by telling you that you needed to get up and go take the placement test at KCK Community College.  You said you would go to take the test the next day.  You did get up and go but found out that sleeping in was not beneficial because this caused a much longer wait.  You called me and said momma I went but they told me to come tommorow and come earlier..I was actually surprised that you went without me telling you a second time I asked where you had been you said Johnson County Community College DUH!!!! I laughed because you knew thats where I really wanted you to go.....you asked if I could leave you gas money to put in your car the next morning and of course I did...left it in the place where you knew where to find it the next morning (wow I miss leaving money there for you).  I called you the next morning 7/8/10 and you were still sleeping....You said you were getting up and going...you went and we talked periodically through that day...your car was giving you problems (1rst sign...maybe we should have put your car up for the weekend) but you kept going...you took the placement test, got your class schedule and got a job for UPS all in the same day...you called me about 5pm to inform me and you were sooooo happy! I was too! you came in and showed me and your dad your schedule and I said to you LOOK AT MY COLLEGE BOY! Proud was how I felt at that moment (thanks son) You had given me all that I asked for at that very moment! I went to bed that night to be awaken from a dream! I dont remember much about the dream only that I woke up from the dream with my name being written on a headstone (2nd Sign)....it tripped me out so bad...but I did not tell anyone because I thought it was just a dream...and at the worse it could have been me that something would happen to! I went on with my day at work looking forward to our upcoming celebration for you in Florida! The vacation you had been promised for graduating! you were going to drive me up the coast! This was a perfect Friday because it meant only 1 week until we could leave....I wish I had known different. This Friday was the last Friday I would spend anytime with you or talk to you! because you were gone by 1:30 AM the next morning 7/10/10.  I will represent you son in EVERY STEP, BREATH AND MOVE I MAKE OR TAKE.  I love you.


Teen Driver Killed In KCK Crash

Car Hits Utility Pole, Crashes Into Tree


POSTED: 8:49 am CDT July 10, 2010
UPDATED: 3:11 pm CDT July 12, 2010

A crash in Kansas City early Saturday morning killed a teenage driver, police said.


Officers said Anthony O. Conner Jr., 18, was driving a black Dodge Avenger west on Parallel Parkway near 24th Street at about 1 a.m. when he lost control.


Police said the car was speeding when it left the road, hit a utility pole and crashed into a tree.


Investigators said Conner died at the scene.


The Anthony Conner Saving Lives Foundation, presents "Choices I"
The Anthony Conner Saving Lives Foundation, presents "Choices I"Anthony Conner

The Anthony Conner Saving Lives Foundation was founded in 2010. Anthony Conner lost his life due to a tragic car accident while speeding in Wyandotte County. The Anthony Conner Saving Lives Foundation was founded in his honor to raise awareness for young teens to teach them the importance on making wise decisions. The Foundation is supported by the Boys and Girls Club and Bethany Recreation Center in Kansas City, Kansas, bi-weekly meetings are held every other Saturday at Bethany.

Khadijah Watson, a high school senior, has dedicated her life to preserving the memory of her dear friend Anthony Conner. This remarkable, bright and talented young woman has started a movement to shift teens and young adults in the right direction of healthy decision making. Khadijah and the Washington High School Drama Club is sponsoring the new up and coming play, “Choices I”. The play was written by Jakyta Lawrie, a Teacher at Washington High School. “Choices I”, tells the story of the adversities that young teens face on a day to day basis. Rather it be teen pregnancy, dating, peer pressure or spirituality; “Choices I” reveals the affects and outcomes of healthy versus unhealthy choices. This heart felt drama will not only have you laughing, but also in tears as the story unfolds. Khadijah Watson shares, “it will definitely have you thinking about the choices you make”.

The play, “Choices I” will be performed this coming Friday, February 4th and Saturday, February 5th at Washington High School, both performances start promptly at 7:00pm. The high school is located at 7340 Leavenworth Road in Kansas City, Kansas and the tickets are $5.00. The cast welcomes you to attend and bring the entire family. For more information or advanced ticket purchasing, please call (***) ***-****. In addition, for more information regarding The Anthony Conner Saving Lives Foundation, please join the group on Facebook.  


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