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Memorial created 02-9-2011 by
Russell Carver
Patrick Russell Carver
September 17 1991 - September 1 2010

Our SON rising to greet us!

This online memorial was created in loving memory of Patrick Russell Carver, whose life story is told throughout this memorial website. Please sign Patrick's guest book and let us know you came to visit. We will remember Patrick forever!!!!!!!


We Love you always Son!!

Your Mom, Father, Brother, Sister, Jess, and all of your friends!!


Just a little Serious? Maybe

Pat is a kind hearted soul that tried to find his place in life but got side tracked.  Now he walks with God and his GrandPa's Chuck and Donnie and his Aunt Stephanie and Uncle Donnie and now his GrandMa ingram. 

He had a rough start, he came out fighting and he kept on fighting trying to earn his place in life.  He was a hard head and he did it "His" way.  And even though he left us early he made his mark on everyone he met.  He was loved by friends and family alike, hell even some of his enemies "liked" him.

Its hard to really believe he is gone.  I guess he is really here beside you and I watching with intent and love.  Leading us on and being a guide to us so that we can successfully make it to the other side.

I know he loved me, his father and he also loved our Father, God!  He may not have been the best christian in the last few years of his life, but he loved God and he knew the way.

 I hope you stop and look around at Pats life.  I hope you sign his guest book so that others can see how loved he was and still is!


Such a loving you man, he deserves to still be with us!!

Its another Christmas without you son.  We all missed you very much. but we know you are here with us.  All around us.  Guiding us, protecting us.  We see you everywhere, all of us do.  Your  Mom and your Sister and your Brother, your Grand Parents and and all of your friends!!  We think of you often (for me it's everyday!!!).  We will always remember how much you loved life and living.  Christmas will never be the same for any of us.  Take care of your Mom, Sister, and Brother.

Merry Christmas and tell God we love him!



About to get inked for pain and fun!

Its my fault he got so much ink.  I started it after his brother Donnie got a tattoo.  I am now covered in my children and some other nice pieces.  I want more, I want Pat's name, birth and death date down the back of my left arm.  Pat wanted so much more art.  He was getting it and it was looking good.  His was more ghetto since he was somewhat gangster, JR G to be honest.  But now Pat can get anything He wants done by that greatest artist of all times, up in the sky, with him and all those who have gone before Him.

I discovered body art is both beautiful and envolving.  The more you get the more you want.  Enduring the pain to put a complete peice together on ones body is both a joy and a jones.  An addiction and an outlet.  We become the art and the art becomes us!  Truely we are art in motion until we pass.

That was the one regreat about finding Pat, his art became stagnate, it was no longer in motion. It was trapped in a state of natural decay.  Over time it would breakdown and fade away.  Canvases never to be completed.  Forever to rest until his chard remains will be rebuildt into his new heavenly body.  A New canvas that can be covered with all manner of design that He chooses.  He will be a sight to behold when we see Him once again, on the other side!!!!  Intricate drawings full of shades and possible colors to make him shine bright as our SON!


Patricks Beautiful little sister

This girl so loved Patrick even if he gave he soooo much greif.  Thats the life with brothers and sister.  She did enjoy that he always had her back.  Any boy try to get out of line with her had to deal with Pat and his cholo possy.  That poor soul could easily end up with a 5 deep set of juniour Gs rollin in and roughing up any moron dumb enough to cross his baby sister.  Not a safe place to be if yoiu are a number one class A assH*le!

Fortunately Pat also had compassion, so he never really hurt anyone unless they deserverd it, which was very seldom.  I know Pat had a great Big Giving Heart.  All his true friends knew that, they saw it frequently.  Those that new Pat were truely blessed by his friendship.  He was many things to many people.  He was a aGreat Big Brother to Ann Marie, He was an Awesome little Brother to his
Big Brother Donnie.  Most of all he was an Amazing Son to me his Dads and his Mom.  Was he perfect?  No not by any means, no ne of us are, nor will we ever be.  There has been only one PERFECT LAMB.  Pat was struggling to find his way and make it his way.  He got a little side tracked and I wasnt there to keep leading him. It was during that break that he stumbled and instead of someone helping him up, they beat him down.  So much so that he could not survive long enough for me to come and find him alive.  For that I will forever be ashamed and guilty.  Justice is blindd and even cruel, even more so here!




My constant co-pilot

I take Pat with me everywhere I go.

He rides shotgun in my vehicle and watches over it and me!!!!


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