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Gwen and Jerry Minkin
Jason Minkin
August 22 1972 - December 21 1996

A Parent's Lament

I am writing this in loving memory of my son Jason, a very special person in my life, who was and always will be my very best friend. It's hard to know where to start, as there is so much I wish to express and describe about my feelings for him and the very special relationship we shared.

My wife and I were very blessed when he was born and for the 24 precious years he was with us, bringing much joy and happiness into our lives. Jason has a loving sister with whom he shared many special moments over the years. As a loving caring father, having two wonderful children, I looked forward to being with them every day, sharing in their lives while growing up, and trying to do everything I could to make their lives enriched and rewarding.

Jason was always full of life and love. As a very caring person, he developed close friendships and relationships with many people. He struggled hard to achieve difficult goals for himself, but his desire and persistence enabled him to accomplish what he planned for himself at this time. With his high sense of values and his lifestyle over the years, he truly developed into a fine young man who I am so very proud of.

When we found out suddenly that we lost him, in an automobile accident, our lives came to a sudden stop. With such disbelief, it took quite some time for us to realize that this was real and that we would have to get on with our lives and do everything possible, to keep him alive as a part of us. Jason is with us in our hearts and in our minds, every day of our lives. Wherever we go and whatever we do, I know we are all together.

There are so many memories we have of Jason, to look back on, remember and cherish, for which we are very fortunate. We miss him dearly, but Jason will always be with us to forever love.

like a wildflower garden
thrives and grows
in our hearts

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