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Deborah Mlekoday-Dub
Shaundra Mlekoday
February 12 1991 - May 24 2009

Grams and Shaundra four weeks old

Shaundra you captured my heart from the first moment I saw you and held you in my arms, My first Grandchild sweet baby girl, you grew up into a beautiful happy confident girl, smiling, playful ,laughing, you lit up a room when you were in it and you brought me such happiness. as you grew you took me along on your adventure of growing up. we shared so many wonderful moments together. your memory will always live on in my heart. Grams


Papa and Shaundra coloring

Shaundra was very fortunate to have a very close relationship with both Papa and Grams from a very early age. They were there when Shaundra was born and fell in love with  her the moment they held her in their arms. Shaundra knew she was loved unconditionally by her grandparents. She was so fortunate to be the first grandchild and soaked up a lot of love from everyone.

Papa and Grams spent so much quality time with Shaundra. They would color, play games, watch movies, play at the playground, go for nature walks, sing, fish or just enjoying the wonders of childhood with Shaundra. 



Papa and grams admiring Shaundra 5 months

Grams shared her love of nature with Shaundra and would take Shaundra on nature walks at Cross Ranch, Garrison Dam, Riverside Park, and River Road. Grams shared with Shaundra the joy of the moment and the beauty of the world around us.

Shaundra and Grams would spend a lot of time planting things in the garden with Shaundra and even had a sand box built in the garden because Shaundra liked to play in the sand.



Shaundra with Papa first Christmas

When Shaundra, Papa and Grams would go to the park there was never a moment they weren't laughing with Shaundra. They would not just watch they would join Shaundra in every joyous moment of playing like a child.

Shaundra loved the attention from her Papa and Grams and would sing, laugh and giggle whenever she was with them.

As Shaundra grew up into a young lady they were there to guide her and comfort her. They were always there for Shaundra through every bump, frustration and joy in her life.

 Shaundra was always so happy to go with her Grams and Papa because she knew their time would be focussed entirely on her. They often played together in the park and I often wonder if Shaundra was having more fun playing or was it Papa and Grams.


Grams with Princess Shaundra

Papa and Grams encouraged Shaundra to be herself and to be a kind, happy, loving, spontaneous child. The love Shaundra felt from her Grandparents stayed with her. She loved life and knew that no matter what she faced in life she could count on her grandparents for love and support.

She continued to have a relationship with her grandparents that most grandchildren aren't fortunate to have. They were closer to Shaundra than most parents are with their children.


Papa and Shaundra taking a nap

Shaundra loved her grandparents deeply and didn't miss an opportunity to let them know she loved them, appreciated them and would make sure she hugged them every time she was leaving.



Grams and Shaundra walking on River Road
Papa helping Shaundra on the monkey bars
Grams and Papa with Shaundra on 5th Birthday
Papa tying Shaundra's shoes
Grams and Shaundra Christmas 98
Photo taken by Shaundra with her phone
Collage of Shaundra and Papa
Grams sharing her love of nature with Shaundra
Papa reading Shaundra a story
Shaundra's first fishing trip with papa August 94
Shaundra and Papa skipping rocks
Shaundra playing in the sandbox Papa and Grams made for her in their garden

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