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Memorial created 04-15-2010 by
Amy Maners
James Daniel Maners
May 27 1994 - June 7 2007

This online memorial was created in loving memory of James Maners, whose life story is told throughout this memorial website. Please sign James's guest book and let us know you came to visit. We will remember James forever.


James was 13. He had just had a birthday 11 days before he died. He always had a smile and a contagious laugh. He was so full of life. He had the biggest heart and was always trying to help others. He loved his family and friends. He spent most of his time playing sports, his favorite was baseball. He dearly loved playing baseball. His favorite team was the NY Yankees. I miss hearing him running through the house with his cleats on. I always fussed at him for doing that. They were so dirty. Now I would give anything to have him running through here with his cleats on. I would love to have him bouncing a basketball on my kitchen floor. I would love to just have him back.

He was one of the few people that actually got along with everyone. Although he was smaller than most, he would stick up for those less fortunate. It seemed like he wasn't afraid of anything. Which meant he often did things that would terrify me. I always let him do things that he was interested in even though the mother in me was scared he would get hurt. He had a temper on him at times. But it never lasted long. He was harder on himself than anyone else could be. He despised failure in himself.  But he had a great sense of humor and loved making others laugh. He would laugh so hard that the veins in his neck would pop out and he woud turn beat red.  I so miss his laughter and his hugs. He didn't care who he was around, he would always kiss and hug me before he left.


About a month before he died, we had to go to Tennessee for a family death. James' dad is from TN. It was his grandmother who passed. On our way home Michael and I were discussing where we would be buried were something to happen to us. He was worried that we would be seperated because he was fron TN and I was from NC. James was sitting in the back seat listening to our conversation. Out of nowhere he said that he wanted to be buried in my mother's yard by her magnolia tree. Michael and I were stunned at first then we promised him that if something happened to him we would bury him there. But neither one of us thought much more about it at the time. We aren't suppose to bury our kids, they are suppose to bury us. Of course God had other plans. In less than a month later we were burying our baby under the magnolia tree. Some people say that James may have had some sense that something was going tohappen to him. What 13 year old knows where he wants to be buried? James thats who! He always seemed to keep us on our toes.


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