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Memorial created 11-30-2009 by
Mindy Larson
Matthew Cole "COCO" Larson
August 20 2003 - May 4 2009

Our Sweet Boy

Matthew Cole Larson was born in Las Vegas, Nevada on August 20, 2003.   With Meily asleep in the stroller, next to the hospital bed,  he was welcomed into this life.  He was a very healthy 7 lbs. 2 oz.  He had so much black hair.  The doctor was twirling it in her fingers before I had even finished delivering him.  He was just so precious.  Cole was the best baby.  He slept in his own bed, all night, from the beginning.  His big sister Meily just adored him.  She never left his side.  We lived in
Vegas for the next 19 months of Cole's life.  He loved riding in his stroller and going on walks.  The little waterparks were a must.  Meily and Cole had so much fun playing in the water.  He loved to clomp around our house in his sister's big shoes.  Meily and Cole quickly became to little trouble makers.  They were know for making huge messes when nobody was looking.  The painted the kitchen with peanut butter, dumped several boxes of cereal or chips on the floor.  Cole's 2nd four of July we drove our Volkswagon Cabrio to see the fireworks.  We parked right underneath and put the top down.  Oh the amazement.  He loved it.  Cole also loved driving down the strip to see the lights, airplanes and our frequent visits to the Shark Encounter.  Every Saturday from the time he was eight months old we had lunch at Inn-n-Out.  I would cut his hamburger into tiny pieces and he just loved it.  When lived in Vegas until December 2004.

We moved in with my parents.  How happy the kids were to be living at Grandma and Grandpa's house.  Especially with Uncle Nick and Puzzles.  Shortly after the move I gave birth to Mitchell.  Meily, Coco and Mitchy became the best of friends.  Unseperable.  They just adored each other.  Cole was so happy to have a new baby brother.  He was so sweet to Mitchell.  He loved to reach into the bassinett and hold Mitchell's tiny fingers.  While we were living in Bountiful Meily and Cole were out back painting with watercolors and they decided to paint Puzzles.  Puzzles went from white to rainbow.  They were both so proud of their art work.  Coco started a new preschool.  He was so thrilled to go play with the kids.  Mrs. Butters continued to tell me how sweet and smart Cole was.  He was very shy and nice to everyone.  When kids were upset Coco always started to dance, sing or just be silly to get a smile out of them.  He was the little peacemaker of our family.  He loved to be back in Bountiful, close to all of his cousins, and he was so happy when he played music with his Uncle Nick.  One night Nick took him to a hockey game.  Just Nick and Cole.  He came home insisting he was going to play hockey.  Later that year we moved up to the U of U.

We moved into student housing in Salt Lake City, Utah.  The kids were so happy to have so many friends to play with.  They all loved our little tiny apartment.  Cole met his first best friends Parker.  He loved to play lightsabers with all of the boys.  He loved riding his scooter and finding bugs.  We spend our days at the zoo, storytime, or just hanging out on the playground.  Cole loved eating at the Spaghetti Factory and Rumbi.  He also loved our long wagon rides around the neightborhood at night.  Coco played on the Green Dragon soccer team and took iceskating lessons with his big sis, Meily.  He had so much fun.  Cole also loved playing his video games with Meily or his friends.  He had a love for magnets.  Any kind of magnet would provide hours of fun for him.  He loved fishing and being in the water.  His dad graduated from the U of U and the kids were so upset about moving.  They didn't want to leave their friends.

We moved back in with my parents for a few short months.  Matt applied to the Florence Art Academy in Sweden and was accepted.  August 2007 we packed up the kids and Uncle Nick and off to Sweden we went.  Cole was so excited.  He loved the busy New York City airport.  He was so happy the entire 27 hour plane ride.  He giggled when we were served Reindeer for dinner.  We arrived in Sweden and the kids were just in awe.  They were so excited.  We spend time traveling, riding the trains, buses, exploring muesums, islands, and several castles.  A favorite Swedish tradition was on Saturday mornings.  We would take the kids into the town and they would get to pick out penny candy.  They each would have their own bags.  Coco's bag always had everybody else's favorite to share.  He was always so concerned for everybody but himself .  Cole's uncle Nick took him to get his first Mohawk in Sweden.  He was so thrilled with it.  He walked so tall all day and was constantly making sure his mohawk was ok.  He was the sweetest, most concerned child I have ever met.   Due to a problem with our visa's we moved home in December. 

Cole started a new little preschool in Centerville.  He was the only boy and all the little girls loved Cole.  He would giggle everytime I would drop him off.  He thought it was so funny that the girls loved to touch his mohawk and that they would fight to sit by him.  He loved going to school.  We stayed in Bountiful for a few months waiting for daddy to return home from Sweden.  A few months later we moved to Logan, Utah.

We moved into some student apartments.  Cole quickly became best friends with Wilson and Cameron.  He was so happy there.  He loved playing outside.  We were there a few months before taking a 6 month vacation to California.  We stayed with Grandma and Grandpa.  Cole loved the pool.  He was such a good swimmer.  He could retrieve several items from the bottom of the pool.  He was a little fish.  Coco also loved the beach.  He could explore for hours.  He loved running in the waves and having them knock him to the ground.  He would laugh and laugh.  One special day as we were walking along the beach looking for crabs he found a shovelhead shark that had washed up on the shore.  He got a stick and poked and soon he had discovered that this shark had been bitten by a larger fish and was missing an eye.  He thought this was funny because it was missing an eye like his Uncle Tory.  He wanted to take this shark home so he could show all of his cousins.  Cole loved helping Mitchy and Meily dig for sandcrabs.  After just a few minutes of digging he would have a bucket full of them.  Cole also loved riding his bike on the bike trail.  He would alway ride ahead and as we would come around the corner we would see that he had crashed and he was usually running back and forth screaming mad.  He had such a little temper.  He would get back on his bike and off he would go.  He loved the park and would climb to the very top of the climbing wall.  Scared mom to death.  It was about 10 feet high.   On July 4th we had a very huge suprise.  Mom was pregnant.  Cole was so, so happy and  couldn't wait for his little baby brother.   In August we went home to Logan.

The kids were sad to leave the beach but happy to see all of their friends.  Meily started school so that left Mitchy and Coco home.  They did everything together.  Played Indian Jones on the Wii, Tony Hawk, and Mario Bros.  Coco use to make a little bed behind the chair in our living room, snuggle in his blanket and play his Nintendo.   He loved his brothers and sisters.  He always helped Mitchy get dressed and put his shoes on.  Cole and Mitchell would build forts, play Star Wars, dominos, and any other game they could come up with.  Cole knew down to the minute of when it was time to pick up his sister.  He just loved Meily.  He always told us he was not going to get married unless he could marry Meily.  He was so sweet.  Cole and Mitchell started school together at Clover Buds.  Coco was so happy to take his little brother with him.  They looked forward to school so much.  Cole loved to draw.  He would spend hours drawing little pictures.  He loved his scooter and playing in the dirt and on the playground.  He loved playing ball.  Basketball, or football.   Cole also loved his karate.  He was very determined to earn his Black Belt.  He practiced doing push-ups every night until he could do them one handed.  He was the little star in his class.  Most days he would lead the class with his teacher.   The excitement this little guy had.  That year when we made our Christmas lists, Coco only listed two things on his list.  Lego's and  dominos.  He told us he didn't need anything else.  He also didn't like sitting on Santa's Lap.  He always thought that it was boring and didn't understand why he had to do it every year.  He loved the lights, setting up the tree and buying gifts for Meily and Mitchell.  Cole loved sledding and snowboarding.  His little cheeks would get so cold they would turn white.  He loved coming home from sledding to his hot chocolate.  What a good year we had.

February came and our little Miles was born.  Coco was so, so excited.  He  couldn't wait to see his baby brother.  Miles was very sick and was in the hospital in Intensive Care on a venilator for the first six weeks of his life.  The kids had to wait six weeks to meet Miles.  Coco's face just lit up we he first saw him.  Cole spent so much time with Miles.  He would hold him for hours everyday, bath him, dress him and he loved to feed him.  They had a very special bond. 



Our happy boy! Having fun is Sweden.

On May 4th, 2009 was our last day with our precious boy.  He spend the day doing everything he loved.  Mitchell and Cole started the morning off digging outside for treasure.  Then the playground for awhile.  We went to storytime at the Heritage Center.  He loved the popcorn they would always give to him.  We went home and had lunch togther on the porch.  He wanted a ham and cheese sandwich, grapes, doritos, but best of all he wanted to eat all of his dad's chocolate covered gummy bears.  Him and Mitchell giggled as they ate them.  They thought how funny it would be when dad came home and the would be gone.  After lunch,  they played Tony Hawk for awhile and then we read.  We went back outside after picking Meily up from school.  The kids were having the time of their lifes with their friends.  Cole, Mitchell and Cameron were trying to climb the tree.  Coco made it.  He was so excited to make it up the tree.  It was the first time he had been able to climb it.  He did it several times.  Daddy came home and Cole yelled for dad to come and see him.  He was up high in the tree.  Matt teased with him for a few minutes and Cole jumped into his Dad's arms.  Coco and Mitchy then went to retrieve their scooters from the playground area.  A few minutes later our angel took his "One last ride on his Scooter".  Tradically he was run over by a young girl as he was riding his scooter on the sidewalk.   We are blessed that he went from his daddy's arms right to Heavenly Father's arm almost instantly.  Our baby didn't have to suffer for long.  We all miss him more than words can say.  He was our sweetest little guy, Mommy's biggest helper, and Daddy's big boy.  Mommy misses his thumb's up everyday.  Coco was our little peacemaker.  He loved everyone he knew.  He always gave hugs and kisses when we had to tell someone good-bye. 


Coco we love you so, so much.  Not a moment of any days goes by that we don't think about you and miss you.  You were such a good example to us all.  You taught us so much during your short life.  We will cherish everyday that we were able to be with you. We miss you big boy.  It's just not the same without you.  We love you buddy!


Mom, Dad, Meily, Mitchell and Miles


A few of Coco's favorites:

Purple, Green and Orange were his favorite colors.

His favorite ice cream was Mint Chip.

He loved Spaghetti and Pizza.

He loved Junior Mints, Starburst, and any kind of bubble gum.

Cole always ate tons of oranges.  At least 3 a day.

Coco loved his Lego's.  He could build for hours.

He loved Indiana Jones movies and video games.

He called Mustaches, Mismachues. 

He loved drawing.

He loved his real Samauri sword and Indiana Jones Whip.

He loved wearing his Camoflauge Snowboots (even in the summer with his shorts).

He almost always had a hat or his hood pulled up on his head.

He loved his scooter, bike and skateboard.

Cole's very most favorites were Meily, Mitchell, and Miles.

He also loved all of his Uncles, Aunts, Grandmas and Grandpas and he had so much fun whenever he was with his cousins.



You are so Special!


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