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Memorial created 11-23-2008 by
Kristen Chilton
Steven Matthew Roland
October 7 1975 - April 19 2008

This online memorial was created in loving memory of Steve Roland, whose life story is told throughout this memorial website. Please sign Steve's guest book and let us know you came to visit. We will remember Steve forever.

My brother, Steve, passed away April 19, 2008 following a long and courageous battle with brain cancer.  He endured three surgeries, radiation and chemotherapy over the course of seven years.  Too much, but at the same time, not enough. He was surrounded with his family's love as he took his last breath. A part of me died at that moment as well.  Someone once told me that following your last breath on Earth your next breath is that of Heaven's air.

Steve was 32 when he left us, much too young. He loved the outdoors - hunting, golfing, swimming. When we were kids, he would spend the entire summer in the pool. He lived in the water!  When he was older and we moved to the lake, he got a Seadoo. You couldn't hardly get him off the lake in the summer and he always had a tan.  Steve was always on the go and always ready to have a good time with his buddies. He never met a stranger. He was so outgoing, yet laid back. Everyone wanted to be around him. He was just good at making friends. He loved his job, working for his city's parks and recreation dept.  And Steve loved his truck - a green Ford Sport Trac. He was so proud of that truck! He looked good driving it, too!

Steve had a smile that I will never forget.  It would light up his whole face.  And he was always smiling.  He was such a wonderful person.  It's not fair that he was taken so soon. When I stop to really think about it, I just lose it. I look at his pictures and it sometimes doesn't seem real. Those eyes sparkle with so much life! How can he not be here anymore?

Steve was so loved by his family and friends. Each and every day he is in our thoughts and missed terribly.  I'm not sure how life will go on without him, but I know it will.

I  may not know what my future holds, but I do know that I will meet  with Steve again someday.  I know that he is happy and healthy again, waiting to reunite with his family and friends in Heaven. For now, we reunite in my dreams..

I have lost my only sibling.  My friend, my bubbie.

I am so blessed that he was in my life for 28 years.  He will always live in my heart.


If tears could build a stairway,

and memories a lane,

I'd walk right up to heaven

and bring you home again.


I miss you so much!! My heart is forever broken.


Who can say for certain
Maybe you're still here
I feel you all around me
Your memories so clear

Deep in the stillness
I can hear you speak
You're still an inspiration
Can it be (?)
That you are mine
Forever love
And you are watching over me from up above

Fly me up to where you are
Beyond the distant star
I wish upon tonight
To see you smile
If only for awhile to know you're there
A breath away's not far
To where you are

Are you gently sleeping
Here inside my dream
And isn't faith believing
All power can't be seen

As my heart holds you
Just one beat away
I cherish all you gave me everyday
'Cause you are mine
Forever love
Watching me from up above

And I believe
That angels breathe
And that love will live on and never leave

Fly me up
To where you are
Beyond the distant star
I wish upon tonight
To see you smile
If only for awhile
To know you're there
A breath away's not far
To where you are

I know you're there
A breath away's not far
To where you are

really gonna miss you, bub

When a parent dies, you lose your past.

When a spouse dies, you lose your present.

When a child dies, you lose your future.

When a sibling dies, you lose your past, your present and your future.


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