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Laurie Salmen
Bernice Mary Salmen
November 4 1942 - May 10 2007

Please Pull Up A Chair And Bring A Box Of Kleenex As I Tell You About My  Amazing Mama...
You Will Learn Of Her Trials And Tribulations....Her Up Hill Battles And Laughter....Her Love For Me And Her Love For God Above...Share With Me The Experience Of Bernice Mary Salmen~The Woman,Wife, Daughter, Daughter-In-Law, Sister, Sister-In-Law, Mother, Mother-In-Law, Step Mother/Step-GrandMother, Aunt And Friend... Mama Didn't Have Many Enemies But LOTS Of Friends And Family...
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On May 10th, 2007 My Mama Was Found In Her House On Her Couch Where She Had Died About 48 hrs. Prior.  She Was Supposed To Be At Work And Didn't Show Up And They Knew If She Wasn't Coming In She Always Called.  So Jodie, A Lady Mama Worked With Went Looking For Her.  When Jodie Knocked On Mama's Door There Was No Answer.  I Am Told That Jodie Looked In The Window And Saw Mama On The Couch Not Responding To Her Knocks.  When Jodie Got Help And They Got Inside The House Mama Was Found Peacefully Laying On The Couch. The Angels Had Already Came And Took Her Away.  Trouble~Puppy Dog Growled At The Rescue Workers When They Tried To Go Near Mama.  Trouble~Puppy Dog Had Been In That House With Her All That Time...My Cousin Larry Searched Mama's Caller ID On Her Phone And Called My Mother-In-Law In Flint To Get Ahold Of Me.  I Lived 3 Hrs Away From My Mama.  I Was Home Alone When The Call Came Through.  I Screamed And Said "NOOOOOOOO" After I Hung Up I Was Still Saying  "NOOOOOO, NOOOOO NOOOOO"! There Was No Way That The Woman That Gave Birth To Me Was Gone...She Couldn't Be!  "Nooooo"!

The Day My Mama Died....A Part Of Me Died With Her...I Was And Am Still So Devastated..I Want To Call Her When Something Good Or Bad Happens...I Want To Go To Her House And Find Her In The Yard Doing Something There As She Always Was...I Miss Her Laughter...I Miss Her Smile...I Miss Her Voice...I MISS HER!!!!

"Mama, I Love You, Heaven Has Gained An Angel And Earth Has Lost A Sweet Soul"


Everyone Has A Guardian Angel...I Am No Different...She Has Been A Part Of My Life Since 1964...Wanna Know What I Call Her??  Sure, I Will Be Glad To Tell You... I Call Her "Mama"  She Is God's Prettiest Angel...Smartest Too--She Taught Me Everything I Know...

"I Love You Mama"



Please don`t ask me if I am over it, I will never be over it!

Please don`t tell me she is in a better place, She isn`t here with me!

Please don`t tell me she isn`t suffering, I haven`t come to terms with why she had to suffer at all.

Please don`t ask me if I feel better, For bereavement isn`t a condition that clears up.

Please don`t tell me, at least you had her for so many years, What year would you choose for your Mama to die?

Please don`t ever tell me that God doesn`t give us more than we can handle.

Please, just say you are sorry.

Please, just say that you remember my Mama

Please, just talk to me about my Mama

Please, just mention my Mama's name.

Please, just let me cry.


Words Unsaid
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Mama's Headstone Is FINALLY There!

Mama Has Been Out At The Cemetary For Four Years And Dad Has Been Out There Fourteen Years---Finally They Have A Marker On Their Resting Place...



Mama was strong in many ways...She dealt with alot of rough times during her lifespan...She was under-educated because she only went to like the ninth grade.  Whatever job she had she always gave 110% of herself to it and was always in my opinion way under paid for the amount of work she did. Mama was strong in her marriage--she dealt with my Dad for 38 years.  Through the good and bad times she hung in there.  At times she almost threw in the towel but she seemed to always find a way to make it work.  They was together till Dad  died in 1997.  Mama was also a  very strong Mother--During my teenage years I tested every nerve she had  I am  sure..lol  But she loved me unconditionally... No matter what  I  did  she  stood beside me and loved me...  My  Mama was  a very strong and determined woman-- "I  Love You, Mama..." :o)


God Looked Down Here And Saw Mama Suffering Everyday With Her Health Issues...He Saw The Worry On Her Beautiful Face...He Reached Out His Had And Said--"Bernice, Come With Me..I Will Give You Rest And Take Away All That Is Making You Suffer"  Mama Laid Down On The Couch That Day  Closed Her Eyes For The Last Time And Took God's Hand....She Took The Journey He Offered To Her Leaving everyone Behind....NOTHING Every Broke My Heart As Much As Losing Her..... NOTHING!!!!! 



Mama was the most amazing woman that I know. She taught me everything that I know. Before I started school she taught me everything that Kindergarden was going too. When she became your friend she would give you the shirt off her back if you needed it. She had many many many friends in her lifetime. She will be missed by many. "Mama, You Will Always Be Alive In My Heart"


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