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Precious Brody, because you made such an impression on my life. -- Elizabeth Arnold

Memorial created 08-25-2008 by
Sara Rodriguez
Brody Teegan Rodriguez
February 4 2008 - July 7 2008

Brody was born on Feb 4, 2008 via planned c-section after giving me a hard time in my body.  He was determined to come out but when he did he was perfect!  Beautiful and healthy.

His brother and sister met him and instantly fell in love with him, no issues just pure love.  That was true of everyone that met him.  You just loved him.  He was such a good baby.  He only cried when he needed something but over all was such a happy baby.


He brought joy and love to all of us for the short time he was with us but God decided that we all had spent enough time on earth with him and He wanted him back.   We still aren't quite sure what happened to him but he developed a high fever and an infection.  After a week of tests of all kinds they found masses in his lungs, liver and behind his heart.  After a biopsy the oncologist said it wasnt a cancer it was an infection.  But what? Why? and how do we treat it?  Those answers never came.  His liver started to fail, then his lungs.  He went on an ECMO (bypass) machine and then developed sepsis.  After 24 hours on bypass his heart failed.  We knew, even though it was the worst desision in the world, it was his time to go.

Brody got his angel wings on July 7, 2008 after a very hard fight with his Mommy, Daddy and their families by his side.

Upon his passing, the doctors did not know what Brody had or what led to his passing. There were theories, but no proof. They believed it to be a one time incident and said we could have more children and should really have no fears. Two years later, we had Brody's little brother, Brayden. 

After a few months, Brayden was getting persistent ear infections. Eventually, he was diagnosed with SCID, Severe Combined Immune Deficiency. Essentially, he was born with no immune system and received a bone marrow transplant. Once we got this news, everyone was quite confident that Brody had SCID as well and was not diagnosed, and therefore treated properly. 

It hasnt gotten easier and we miss you more everyday.  We will always love you Monkey.  You will forever be in our hearts.



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