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Memorial created 08-6-2008 by
Tammy Brathor
Sharon Lynne Collamore
July 16 1942 - July 30 2008

Your so beautiful mama!!!


This online memorial was created in loving memory of Sharon Collamore, whose life story is told throughout this memorial website. Please sign Sharon 's guest book and let us know you came to visit. We will remember Sharon forever.

This page is in loving memory of my mother Sharon Lynne Collamore, born to William and Berniece Barnhart on July 16th 1942, in Compton, California.  My mother was the 2nd of four children, Patricia is her older sister, Linda is her younger sister and the baby was her brother Michael (who has preceded her in death as well as her father.)

My mother married my father  (Mervin Collamore.) in September , 1960, and soon after marriage they started a family. My oldest brother John was born in December 1961, not long after John was born my brother Robert was born in March 1963, that keeping her busy she waited to have me (Tammy) until December 1968.  I know she had her hands full with the three of us, but along came my younger brother Richard born in August 1974. My mother was a stay home wife and mom, and was wonderful at doing so, I have fond memories of always having my mother around, she was always a comfort to me and to everyone.

Over the years as us children grew up and moved on, my relationship with my mother grew very strong, and that wonderful woman known as my mother also became my best friend, she was definitely my BUDDY!  I thank God always, for the relationship I had with my mother, I know it was a blessing from God to be a part of her life. I'll be forever Thankful.


Love you mom....

My mother has 5 beautiful Grandsons,  Tony (Anthony.) , Ryne, Corey, Jared, and Daniel and 4 beautiful Grand-daughters Gina, Cara, Julia, and our newest little arrival Ava Sharon. She was such a fun loving Grandma I could have never asked for  better, the love she had for them was just an extension of the love she had for me and my brothers.  I will miss not having my mother there to share with me my boys's graduations ( she did get to see Tony graduate!) and their sports events, or when they decide to maybe get married, and possibly have families of their own, so many things.  I hope mom that you will be there in spirit.

My mother was a beautiful woman, both inside and out, she always thought of others before thinking of herself, she worried about everyone else before worrying about herself.  My mother was diagnosed with terminal edenocarcinoma (stomach cancer.) in November of 2007.  She was very sick, but I've never seen anyone fight so hard, she was so sick and went through so much and never once did I hear this beautiful woman ever complain, she never complained.  She was always as graceful as she could be, she would always thank the nurses and the doctors, even if they hurt her. (unintentional.) She tried to make the best of a bad situation.

My mothers fight against cancer ended On July 30, 2008 at around 2:25am.  Mom, you are loved so much by so many, and you will forever be missed, the void we all feel will never be filled completely.  Hugs and kisses to you from all of us, I know your an angel, sitting on a star!!!  Thats where you told me you would be, you told me that when you died to look for the brightest star in the sky and you would be there sitting on it.



You will always be in our hearts mom...







Whispers From Heaven 

When I left this world without you

I know it made you blue.

Your tears fell so freely,

I watched, I know this is true.


While you were weeping,

Days after I passed away-

While all was silent within me,

I saw you kneel and pray.


From this wonderful place called heaven

Where all my pain is gone,

I send a gentle breeze to whisper,

"My loved one's, please go on."


The peace that I have found here

Goes far beyond compare

No rain, no clouds, no suffering--

Just LOVE from everywhere.


You need not be troubled

Just stay close to God in prayer

Someday we'll be reunited

My love, HIS love surrounds you always.



IN loving memory of the most beautiful person in this world to me, my mother Sharon Lynne Collamore.......I love you always and forever Mom.              


In loving memory of such a beautiful woman...our mother.

Gone from this earth, but never from our hearts. We all love you and miss you so much mom.........


My tattoo in memory of you mom. You know that I love dragonflys mom so the dragonfly represents you (Indian tribes believe that dragonflys are messengers from heaven.) The color of the dragonfly is as close to the color of your ribbon for stomach cancer. Knowing how much you loved your gardens and keeping your yards looking so immaculate the flower is in memory of you and of course the flower has 5 petals on it....one petal for each of my boys! I wanted it to be bright and coloful and I love it. Oh, and I had the dragonfly put above the flower, as a reminder of you looking over your grandsons.....I know how much you loved those boys.        

Aunt Linda, Grandma, and myself....we miss you so much mom.
Miss you every single day.
I miss you both mom and dad...

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