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Memorial created 07-29-2008 by
her husband, Alain Reyes
Angelica M. Reyes
January 6 1984 - July 3 2008

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I can't believe it's been one year already....

Angie's first year in Heaven. Somedays I lay in my bed, close my eyes and thoughts of her come rushing back as if it were only yesterday that she was laying next to me while holding on to me with her entire body telling me how much she loves me......that feeling is pure bliss. God knows I was never happier.

In this past year I have tried to honor and respect her memory in my own special ways. Some people think I went above and beyond, but those people can't possibly understand my loss.






I did my best to try and make Angie's final resting place as special and unique as she was. I'm hoping when people see it that thay can feel the love someone must have had for Angie. Because although she didn't leave any children behind, she did leave behind a husband that truly adored her and is forever changed and broken-hearted.

On July 2nd there was a Mass held at the Blessed Sacramet Church in memory of Angie, and it was beautifully done. The Father reiterated on what i have already come to accept, and that is that on a day like today, we should be celebrating the life of Angie, and not her death. And on July 3 we had a gathering around the cemetery around noon. We had a priest come that spoke to the crowd of people, followed by my presentation of the youtube video I made for Angie ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2BcQOhzPcGo ) ......I couldn't help but get upset watching the video, just as everyone else did because she just looks so full of life in that video. Afterwards, I gave everyone a cup of Moet with orange juice, a.k.a. Mimosa, Angie's favorite drink. We raised our cups,


"To Angie, although you are not with us anymore, your memory will live in our hearts forever."






 This is my own personal tribute to Angie. I actually had to get my old tattoo removed by laser because I wanted Angie's tattoo on my arm and not somewhere where I would be hiding it.

Angie loved clothing by designer Ed Hardey, and it just so happens that he is a tattoo artist. So I figured it makes sense to find the right design by Ed Hardey and just ad her name.




This is a painting of Angie that can be found at Menlo Park Mall, in Edison, NJ. I remember driving the painter crazy because although he does amazing work, I was never truly satisfied and made him touch it up like 5 times. In the end I decided to leave the painting in the mall and not because I wasn't happy with it, but because I started getting phone calls of people that saw the painting and loved it. So, since Angie loved shopping in that particular mall, I figured I'd just leave it there.

(I guess it's more symbolic that now Angie can stay at the mall forever)




 I just recently got this little pup and I named her after Angie's dog, Bebe. Angie loved dogs, and I'm sure she would have loved her too.




This is my tribute to Angie in my home. Many a lonely nights I just take a look at the painting and I know that I am not alone.


I hope she sees how much I love her. This past year has been hard, especially the first 8-9 months. I stayed home by myself on every holiday this past year only because if I couldn't spend those days as I have in the past with Angie in person, I wanted to dedicate all those special days to her and hope she joined me in spirit.

I will always be grateful to God for bringing Angie into my life. I now know some people live a lifetime and never experience a love as ours. But I can't help but wish to have had a little baby girl with Angie. At least then I would still a have a piece of her right now. A walking reminder of this amazing women and the love we shared.......but I have nothing.......only my pictures and my memories.

This is the last page of this memorial. Thank you for taking the time and visit. Thank you for allowing me to introduce to you my wife,








To Angie,

Baby, forgive me for not knowing the symptoms of a brain aneurysm. We always depended on each other and I will always feel like I let you down.

I don't know what lies ahead of me in this life, but I do know you wouldn't want to see me sad forever. So I will live and try to be happy again one day. But I want you to know that you were, you are, and you will always be the love of my life. And although God called you home so early, I know in my heart that we will be reunited and I will see you again.

your husband,

your soul-mate,

your forever love,

Alain Reyes



Para Angie,

Baby, perdona me por no saber los síntomas de un aneurisma cerebral. Siempre dependiamos el uno al otro y yo siempre sintire que te falle.

No se que sigue adelante para mi en esta vida, pero se que tu no quiseras verme triste para siempre. Asi que voy a siguer viviendo mi vida y trartar de ser feliz algun dia. Pero quiero que sepas que tu eres, fuiste y siempre seras el amor de mi vida. Y aunque Dios te llamó a su casa tan temprano, yo sé en mi corazón que seremos reunidos y te vere de nuevo otra ves.

Tu marido,

Tu alma gemela,

Tu amor por siempre,

Alain Reyes


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