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Memorial created 06-14-2008 by
Gary Bryant
Kay Ann Nicholson
October 25 1954 - June 13 2008

Our angel on earth....

This online memorial was created in loving memory of Kay Ann Nicholson, whose life ended way too soon, Kay lost her life to a tragic house fire on the morning of  June 13th, 2008. Please sign Kay's guest book and let us know you came to visit so we can keep her alive in our hearts.  We will all love & remember Kay forever.


My mother & best friend !!!!

Kay & Kim

Mother & Daughter


Forever & Always!!!

Momma, you were more than my mother you were my best friend we were so close now so far away, I don't know how to cope with your loss, we may have had a distance between us in miles but not in love I have had so many tales to tell but know one to tell them too... I miss you more and more as the day's go on.. I am still in denial that this awfull tragedy really happened...I wake up everyday hoping this was just a nightmare and your going call me,you know I still dial your number hoping your going to be on the other end but just say's sorry the number you have dialed has been disconnected or no longer in service if you feel you'd reach this message in error please try yout number again... in my eyes I still think God made a mistake by taking you I know it just wasn't your time,Momma because I still need you more than ever to be here... I am so lost right now it just isn't right,I will never stop thinking of you never .... I love you and miss you!!! Love alway's your one and only Baby-Girl,Kimberly Kay!!!!!!!!!




Kay has real wings now, but oh how we'll miss her love !



~Beautiful~ Mother & Grandmother



One of Kay's pride & joys

Kay loved being close to her grandchildren. We will miss all the joy she spread


Kay loved her daddy & daughter very much!

Kay, Loved being close to all her family& friends....


A very young Kay and her daddy.

Kay was very close to her Daddy!!!

Kay was always Santa's helper.
3 Generations Kay, Kim and Angel

This is one of Kay's favorite picture's Gary took!  Here are three beautiful girls that all have a very big heart would do anything for you!!!



Kay  &    Kim   &     Angel


picture perfect.....

My dearest Kay, You were my first love and you gave me my greatest gift, our daughter, and even if our marriage didn't last, you have always been a good friend, I don't know how our family will go on without you. I'll miss you for the rest of my life. Love Gary. 



Kay loved all her grandkids but Ryan was like a son to her and Kim understood that there love for each other was one of a kind


kay & kim Jack & Kay, Kim & Angel

Kay was a daddy's girl, and so is Angel. 


Alberta & Jack, Kays mom & dad.

She's with her mom and dad now !!!


Billy, Ryan, & Kay

Billy her companion for the last 13 years. 


Son-in law Richard & her grandaughter Kelsey

Her son-in-law Richard with his oldest daughter Kelsey who Kay accepted in her life as her grandaughter.


favorite flower

All will miss this beautiful



Kay loved Roses......

I will love you Momma and miss you untill we see each other again... My heart aches everyday Im not with you... You are more than my mother you are my best friend... Love always and forever your ~baby-girl~ kimberly kay..


~Gone but never forgotten~



My Mom had one of the biggest heart's... She sacrificed alot for me growing up to make sure I was taken care of..  my Mom would help a total stranger out with food money clothing whatever it was she would help..She was way more than just a mother to me she was my world someone you could confide in about anything and anyone that knew her can relate to what I am talking about... She was one of a kind.. This is what I do know as long as I shall walk this earth I will never let anyone ever forget Kay ann Nicholson..



Please sign Kay's guest book!!


Please sign my guest book!!!!


Thank you all who visited my site

~Kay Ann Nicholson~


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