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By his Mom, Estella Vega

Memorial created 05-27-2008 by
Jacob R. Duran (aka: Junior)
December 7 1987 - August 1 2007

This online memorial was created in loving memory of my son, Jacob Duran, whose life story is told throughout this memorial website. Jacob filled my life with lots of memories in the 19 years he lived.  I will always cherish and remember his: big, beautiful smile; his heart of gold; his love of children, especially his nieces and nephews- Michelle, Danielle, Daniel, R.J., and Dominic; his contagious laughter; his jokes and dry sense of humor, which made him laugh even more when I "didn't get it"; his intelligence and intellectual personality.  Jacob was very smart, and it began way before starting pre-school.  When he graduated from high school, his g.p.a. was 4.39, enabling himacceptance to one of the most prestigeous colleges in the nation, University of California-Berkeley.  As you conclude your visit on Jacob's website, only then you will understand how proud I am and how much I truly love my son, forever and always.  Please sign Jacob's guest book and let me know you came to visit. I will remember Jacob forever as you will remember what an amazing, young man he was in his short life.  Thank you for visiting and come back to see new updates. God Bless all of you. Love and peace, Jacob's mom,   Estella Vega



Jacob always was a happy and handsome young man.  No one ever thought he was depressed.  He was always joking around and laughing always at something.  Jacob would make fun of you if you let him.  Jacob was always smiling and had one of the most beautiful ones ever.



Soon after he began high school, Jacob changed his "look" so very many times.



Jacob showing off one of his many different "fashion statements."  But "GOSH" he was so very handsome !!!!!! (And I'm not just saying this because I'm his mother. lol) 


When Jacob started high school, seemed like every 2 to 3 months he got "bored with his look".  When it came to dressing and his many different hair styles, you never knew what to expect from Jacob; or what kind of statement he was trying to make.  When he let his hair grow longer, his hair would be wavey and curly (like his mama).  Out of the blue he started wearing hats and beannies (what ever they are called).  That was Jacob just being himself.




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