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Memorial created 04-18-2008 by
Alicia Stansell
Cody Edward Skokan
May 11 2003 - July 30 2005

Cody, July 4, 2005

This online memorial was created in loving memory of Cody Skokan, whose life story is told throughout this memorial website. Please sign Cody's guest book and let us know you came to visit. We will remember Cody forever.


Cody was born on May 11, 2003 in Lincoln, Nebraska. He died on July 30, 2005 in Orange Grove, Texas. 


Cody and daddy

Cody was loving, smart, funny and gentle. He could be all boy when playing with his daddy and brothers and sister, but was always gentle with mommy. He was adventurous and without fear, confident and secure in the love of his family.

Cody was an accomplished flirt, at two years old he could win your heart with his magnificent smile. He was an avid businessman, once I asked him for a kiss and he was too busy, so I offered him a dollar....from thence on he knew grandma would pay for a kiss.

It broke my heart to lose Cody, but I am a better person for having known him. Cody was the best of all of us and he is desperately missed and always loved.





Cody was the perfect little boy. Daddy was his hero. He would play "Hulk Hogan" with his dad, arms in a "muscle stance" and a big Arrrrrrrrrrgh from daddy, joined by a little Arrrrrrrgh from Cody and then the giggles and hugs would start. He wanted to do the things daddy did, if dad was working with tools, Cody wanted to help, if dad was watching tv Cody would crawl up and lay next to daddy.

He adored his mom. Christina would play with him, read to him, cuddle while the big kids were at school. He was so gentle with her, never rough and I can see him stroking her cheek and his face lighting up when she came into the room.

Every time you went into their home, Cody would run, arms stretched out to give kisses and hugs. His little face expressed his joy to see you. At two years old, he was a thoughtful, well mannered little boy, secure in the love of his family and friends.


 Cuddles and giggles were Cody's specialty.


Bath time

Cody was very close to his brothers and sister. He would watch Zach building with legos or playing a video game and with a look of sheer wonder on his face breathlessly voice his appreciation with a "cool" at  Zach's latest accomplishment .

Kaylee mothered Cody as any big sister does to her baby brother. They shared the same big eyes, the same smile and Cody adored his big sister.

Tyler was Cody's best friend. Wherever Tyler was Cody was there like a little shadow. Digging in the dirt, cuddled together watching a movie, playing cars, there was no place Cody would rather be than with his adored big brother.

All the kids were patient and protective of Cody. He was well loved.






Lady, Kaylee, Cody and Tyler

Cody loved animals, he had a natural gentleness with them.  They fascinated and amused him, kisses from one of the dogs would bring forth giggles and hugs.


I never got to hold or kiss Cody one last time. Cody died in his sleep from smoke inhalation as a fire ravaged his home. My son, Ken, and daughter in law, Christina tried desperately to reach him but were unable to. We don't know the cause of the fire and have had to accept that God called him home for reasons we don't understand.

The night before he died, Ken and Christina took Cody fishing. Cody would take the worms out of the box and gently put them into the water, whispering "go go swim" so not much fishing was done. He was kissed and told he was loved and tucked into bed.

Cody touched everyone he knew, it was impossible to resist his smile or the twinkle in his eyes. Cody is so loved and so missed and not a day goes by that he is not in our thoughts.

My beloved Cody, you will never be forgotten.


The world was a source of discovery and joy to Cody.  Puppies and kittens, planes and trucks were all "cool".  Cody loved hats and daddy's hat, buckets or baskets were known to suffice as a "hat" and would appear on his little head, often with just his smile visible.


Blake, Cody and Aunt Kim

It was hard not to hug Cody all of the time and he was tolerant of all the fuss over him. Cody was so special to Aunt Kim and cousin Blake, as you can see doing what we all did best....hugging and loving little Cody.


Grandma adored Cody.


Cody did everything wholeheartedly. He played hard, he loved well and he really enjoyed cake!


Cody at the beach with mommy and daddy


Grandma Cathy and Cody

It was nearly impossible not to pick this little boy up and hug him. Cody is with Grandma Cathy, hugging hugging hugging.


Grandma Cathy, Grandpa Ed, Daddy and Cody

Day at the beach with grandma and grandpa!


Blake, Brandon and Cody

Cody loved his cousins, Brandon, Blake and Brianne and they adored him. Here on the Riverwalk in San Antonio Brandon and Blake keep a watchful eye on their littlest cousin.





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