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Your sons, GP & GM. To You, Ahmad! In Loving Memory...Forever...

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Memorial created 04-14-2008 by
Seyed Ahmad Sahragard-Monfared
September 23 1958 - July 6 1996







  Gone, yet not forgotten

although, we are apart

your spirit lives within me,

forever in my heart!






This online memorial was created

in loving memory of

Seyed Ahmad Sahragard-Monfared,

whose life story is told throughout this

memorial website.




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Ahmad & the boys

Ahmad was a loving and dedicated father of two boys. He would take them everywhere with him when he was home from work.

He was an awesome husband helping me, his wife, in every way he could.

Ahmad had just started his own Oriental Rug business in Mannheim, Germany and things were looking brighter.

On that Saturday afternoon, July 6, 1996 the boys and I were waiting for him to go to the annual fair (Heinerfest) in Darmstadt, Germany.

Ahmad never made it home, on the Autobahn A 67 another car crashed into his. And even though he was brought by helicopter to the next clinic, the doctors couldn't help him.

He left behind his two sons, 5 1/2 year and 3 years old, his wife, his brother, two sisters, his mom and dad.


And of course countless relatives and dear friends...


We will remember Ahmad forever.


Thank you for taking the time and visit Ahmad.

Please don't hesitate to sign his guest book, he is going to smile down on you, when you do

Love, Peace, Light, and Blessings to all of you

~Cesca with GP & GM


Hello VM Family,


I would like to thank everyone that signed Ahmad’s guest book. Our family truly appreciates all the support.


To all of you and future guests I want to say this:

Please do NOT feel sorry for us…you see; even though Ahmad went HOME to God suddenly and in a tragic way, we never really lost him! He is always around us, Ahmad gave my boys and me the ultimate gift: the second chance of a happy life, he made sure we would marry his own brother, the second love of my life!

Some of you said that “it's not often you get to have a special love twice in a lifetime” and I feel truly blessed, because I am one of the rare ones that did!


Again thank you so much for all your support.

Love & Blessings, Cesca











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