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Memorial created 03-25-2008 by
Kathy Westpy
Stacey Marie Vindigni
February 16 1967 - March 22 1999

This online memorial was created in loving memory of Stacey Vindigni, whose life story is told throughout this memorial website. Please sign Stacey's guest book and let us know you came to visit. We will remember Stacey forever.


Stacey was born on February 16, 1967 right after a heavy snow storm.  She looked exactly like a Beatle, the famous band.  Her hair was straight and we combed in over her forehead.  She has a lot of hair so she looked like a chubby faced Beatle.

She was a good baby, she slept most of the night, only woke for one feeding and change and went back to sleep.  She grew fast and she was walking before she was a year old.  In August of 1967 Stacey's hair started to curl and stayed curly. When she was older she did not like her hair. I would iron it right on an ironing board. She once had a reverse perm, the lotion is put on and the the hair is combed until it is very straight.  She loved it.  I always wanted her hair, it was thick and curly and just beautiful.  She wanted my straight do nothing with it hair.  Isn't that the way.

She was a funny cute toddler, and she would eat everything and anything.  She also had a good memory.  Once when her grandma and greataunt were waiting for another great aunt to come in from NY, they tried to fool Stacey.  They walked right past the aunt from NY and Stacey looked and turned her head to watch and then said "There is".  She knew her aunt was walking right past them and felt that she had to tell the grown ups.  So cute.

She was an average student, good grades, social butterfly.  She loved horses.   She took English style riding lessons for years.  She could jump and she was good at it.  She showed in a number of shows and always came home with a ribbon.  She always wanted her own horse, we could afford it, but we could not afford the upkeep.    When I think about it now I wish we had gotten her that horse.

Stacey was very creative, she could draw, paint, and make many items by hand.  She made a wonderful leather vest, with beads and feathers and fringe.  She made this in middle school and was awarded third prize for it.  She also made me a lovely wall shelf which I have to this day.  She could crochet and she made many very warm afgan throws and blankets.  I have them all.

Stacey was also very good at softball.  She played first base.  She played until she was 12 and then along came boys. 

These were now the teen years and they were very hard years.  Stacey feared nothing, she would try anything.  She was a very brave girl.

When she was twenty we found out that she was HIV positive.  Our world came down around our heads.  She was put on many medications.  All of which made her very sick.  She knew she would never be able to have a child and she wanted a baby very badly.  Of course that was not an option.  One night Stacey surprised me, she came home with something inside one of her afgan throws.  It was wiggling and whinning.  It was a puppy, she called him "Baby"  She loved that dog.  We would bring him to the hospital with us and let him stay on the bed with her.  No one made us take him off the bed.

Over the course of the next 12 years Stacey grew much sicker and thinner.  At the age of 32 she passed away from AIDS.

It seems that I also have passed on, nothing is the same.  I try, I can smile and laugh now, but I also cry alot.  I have joined a few groups.  We all have the same feelings, rage, pain.  We all know how hard it is when other's do not remember our angels.

So, here is a chance for my family and friends to remember my Stacey.

I once received a poem, the title was "A Life Sentence".  And that is exactly what this is all about.


A life sentence
With no reprieve
Causing such heartache
Since you did leave

Forever and ever
This pain in my soul
Missing you deeply
Life is out of control

Nothing can ease it
Millions of tears
So many questions
So many fears

The tide of emotions
Running in running out
Sometimes I cry silently
Sometimes I do shout

A life sentence
Of grieving for you
Now and forever
That is what I shall do

In loving memory of Joey
Lyndie Sorenson
Copyright 2006

Hugs From Heaven

When you feel a gentle breeze
caress you when you sigh,
It's a hug sent from Heaven
from a loved one way up high.
If a soft and tender raindrop
lands upon your nose,
It's just a little angel's kiss
as fragile as a rose.
When you hear a song
that fills you with a feeling of sweet love,
It's a hug sent down from Heaven
from someone special up above.
If you wake up in the morning
to a bluebird's chirping song,
It's music sent from Heaven
to cheer you all day long.
If tiny little snowflakes
land upon your face,
It's a whisper sent from Heaven
all trimmed with angel lace.
So let your heart be joyful
if you're lonely, my dear friend,
Hugs that are sent from Heaven
a broken heart will mend.
- Unknown Author -


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