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Katrina Crawford
Heather Dawn Crawford
January 25 1988 - April 18 2005

FFA - Freinds

My favorite memeory with heather is when Heather took  me and my sister  frog giggin'. We had so much fun that night. everywhere was flooded. we made a frog gig out of a long PVC pipe with nails duct taped on the end of it . I don't think we gigged very many though, but we took them home skinned and fried them. They were pretty good. I miss Heather and love her so much. By the way Tiny you did a great job on the page.     Rachel Brooks   --pictured: middle row far right.

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I never knew how bad it hurt to lose such a good friend until Heather left. She was one of the most amazing people I had ever met in my life. She was so fun and outgoing and she was not afraid to be her own person. I was so impressed on how she would wear her cut off Wranglers and her lace-up Justin Boots and camo shirt through a mall that was packed with "the california girls". She would tell them to just look the other way if they had a problem with her looks. It was her personality that made me want to be her friend. We played softball together and we had a blast! I think we even cheered together, I'm not sure it was so long ago. But there is no doubt about it, she will never be forgotten. Heather is an awesome person and I am blessed to be able to say that I was her friend. I love you Heather!!! *Myranda*  --pictured: middle row middle



Canvas (aka Moose) Jackson

uhh lets see..one of my favorite memories of Heather is the time me here Megan and Ashley all went horse back riding on Ashleys land it was so much fun.. it was me and Heather on Honey and Megan and Ashley on ZZ it was so funny because Ashely almost made Megan fall off the back of ZZ because she started to run. me and Heather didn't want to run because she didnt want to fall off. We would ride back and forth threw the water.. we had went back up to the house to eat dinner and Megan started eating her food like she was a dog it was so funny. she hit her self in the face with a cookie sheet. me Ashley and Heather laughed so hard.. then we all hung out around the fire with Josh Coy and Joe Joe..   Joe Joe fell on Josh and we thought he hurt him.. we had to walk up Ashley's drive way to go meet the boys and Ashely ,Megan and Hetaher thought the cops where coming so they layed down in the dirt. . it was a great night.. we all got up the next morning and went out side and rode the horses bareback in the rain .. if i could i would do it all over again i miss her so mush and love her with all my heart... she was such a great person and an amazing friend i couldn't  have asked for anyone better..... thats one of the best times I've ever had with her....

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Canvas and Crawford




Nov 18, 2007 7:17 AM

Hey beautiful I miss you so much. I love you lots.  Well I just wanted 2 tell you that my horse had a palomino stud colt. He looks just like his momma. Well I named him Crawford after you. The name soot's him. Well I love you and miss you so much. I love you to the moon and back.


Dec 6, 2007 3:54 AM

Hey beautiful. Well I just wanted 2 tell you that I love you and 2 let you know how life's been going my way. Well first off I've got the best boy friend in the world. He's a bull rider. He's the greatest guy in the world. Well you should see Crawford he's getting so big. I can half way lead him on a lead rope he still gives me problems butt he will come around. Well I love you with all my heart and miss you more than ever. I love you to the moon and back love canvas
Unfortunalely in February 2008, Crawford passed away due to some health issues. We know he is being  taken care of by Heather and I'm sure she is enjoying her rides with hin in the sky.

Nov 27 2008 9:07 PM

hey my bestie I just wanted to wish you a happy thanksgiving! I hope you're taking good care of my Lil Crawford I sure do miss him.. I miss you to I think and talk about you all the time. I love you to the moon and back
love always  Canvas  aka: moose


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Dallas (Heather's horse) and Ashley Merritt

My best friend, what can I say. She is someone that was a big piece of my life. Every day after that day has been missing a piece of me. We have had such fond memories. One of my favorite was when we took my dads truck around the loop to go frog giggin. We didnt get many frogs but I can tell you now ill never forget that night. I'll tell you this my dads truck was a stick shift and we werent professionals either. I think we almost rolled into a ditch like five times. All we could do is laugh about it until we got it backed up. Heather Crawford is gone but she will never be forgotten. I love her so much..**Ashley Nicole Merritt**

 When Heather passed away we wanted to give her horse Dallas to someone who would have time for him and take very good care of him for us. After Garrett (her boyfriend) said no he couldn't keep him we offered Dallas to Ashley. We knew she was the perfect person to take care of him, she had 40 acres and 3 other horses. To this day Ashley still has Dallas and takes very good care of him.  *When I went horseback riding with Ashley and Dallas, I knew Heather was right there with us, smiling her beautiful smile





Kaitlin Miller

A pretty good memory I just thought of was when I was in I  think 5th grade and I was walking home from the bus stop  and I was having problems with those little mexican girls. I remember you were there with Garret and I was telling you about it. and you said "you need to show em whos boss". You said be tough! I don't know how literal you were about it but the very next day I came home with a bloody nose. I got into my first fight. (the other girl looked worse) I was almost home when you came driving up. We were laughing so hard. you picked me up and we talked about what happened you seemed pretty proud. You were the best role model nice almost always but the attitude came out when needed. I never let anyone ever push me around again:) thanks so much Heather!:) wish you were still here!

Last memory I have of you was I think a week before u passed away. You were at my house on the computer and me and my mom just came home from wal-mart and my mom called everyone to get groceries. None of those lazy boys got up but you sure did:) You were always so polite! I remember when Garret sometimes got on your nerves you would yell and talk to me about it sometimes:) those were the days.

Well I miss you so much. I know you were gonna be my sister-in-law one day!   **Kaitlin Miller**




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