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Memorial created 02-12-2008 by
Annie Z-W
Nancy Laugen
November 14 1945 - February 4 2008

Mommy- my life line


A Beautiful Person.




I want to scream and cry, break things...no one knows how I feel about losing you. No one could ever possibly get it, or see / really see.


I so love you mother.


" Iodine"

This is Grandpa's nickname for her.


You'll never be able to forget!!


Silly Face!!!


Xmas 2005






Hearts Made Us Friends

Chance made Arlene and Nan sisters, but hearts made them best friends.


We Are Family

Oh and what a "crazy" family it is.


Welcome Home

My mom told me how much she missed her mom- she believed that one day they could be togther  again - Home



PT, Pop and Ma '65

It all started with a beautiful baby boy they called son.


Aunt Noreen, Mommy & Annie



This is the summer of 07' in Pennsylvania with Co Co Mo Joe.

Joe is a good man with a great heart. Their years of friendship and loyal companionship have been priceless. For his frienship I will always be greatful. The warm hearted part is still working on his PA honey do list! Love you Co Co Mo.







Nancy & Annie
Florida Feb. 08'

Aunt Marianne, Annie, Steve, Henry, and Nan's brother Dennis. Family knows that this picture is missing someone very special.


My Valentine 08'

On Valentine's Day  I made a cup of tea and this is what appeared...I see a snowman's head, this must have been a sign that my mom & dad are good together. Pop passed away many years ago while building a snowman in the front yard.


Mom kept saying how history and memories are all you have later in life-and how important they are. She had wanted those memories and history with daddy.



Talking about fairies.

While at the light parade in Disney World Sarah and I were excited to see the fairy mom liked best in Cinderella, but after we took this photo we realized she actually threw a kiss- Maybe a sign?

Family Frolick

Here we have Aunt Sallie, Aunt Lori,Terry, Uncle Joe, Aunt Arlene,  Annie, Sarah CoCoMo & Mom -squeeze!!!!

VM Tribute 4/23/08

This was made by Toni (VM Mom Bonnie Pierce) I just had to add a picture for the family to be more complete, but she did a great job and I love being able to share my mom as a special angel.  Toni has been here for me from the day I started my moms page, and somehow she knows just when to drop in to give you a boost and remind you that we're not alone-just lonely for our loved ones. THANX Toni!!!!


Mom- this is me & Joe after my first trip to PA without you. I am very happy he's around, but it was so hard- harder than I thought. You are everywhere. Little touches, the flowers, a bird, a lighthouse just so....I thought you would open the door or I'd wake to you making tea- It was so real,but not. 

Miss you so very much.


Awful Annie & Rotten Ralph

Our Grandma & Grandpa= Laugen's



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