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Memorial created 02-11-2008 by
Sally Heyer
Joshua Leigh Heyer
September 26 1996 - July 20 2007

When I awoke one year ago today
Everything seemed to be going ok
I didn't believe anything would go wrong
We were happy and our family was strong.
You were grinning and enjoying the sun
Lets go get Micah I said, We gotta run

As we climbed in the car
one year ago today
everything was doing ok
you were in a good mood,
a big smile on your face
Jacob and Lynnie too
Off we went to pick up Micah
then we could have fun for a few

we stopped at Wallmart along the way
and everything was still ok
brand new water shoes they were bright orange
graced your feet as we headed to the car

Waiting for Micah at the church
one year ago today
everything was still doing ok
You ran around having fun and wanting to play
while I chatted with fellow parents
no strong urge or thought to pray

We ate at Subway one year ago today
Everything was going ok
You ordered a meatball sub
just like your Dad
Nothing warned me that soon
I would be so sad.

You and Micah were best buddies one year ago today
And everything sure seemed ok
You both asked "Can we go to the spillway slide to swim?"
Dad and I said yes and off you went.



How I wish I would have taken more time to say goodbye
I couldn't know that my yes meant you would die.
One year ago today my son everything was ok
until sometime between 2 and 3 that day.

When I answered the phone a year ago today
I didn't know that every thing had forever changed
Everything was not ok....
You my boy had gone away

...Lost in the river?
No it cant be!
Joshua my son
Come back home to me!

You are so much a part of my life
Not having you here just isn't right
Memories still fill my heart each day
Even now a whole year since you went away...

Beautiful curly hair for me to run my fingers through
Your silly voice saying..."I love you Lynnie Poo"
Funny crab walking up the stairs
Begging to go to county fairs

You liked rap on 104.7
You wanted a green mansion when you got to Heaven
Hiking and swimming, adventures and fun
your hair getting blond in the hot summersun

You hated turkey but loved honey baked ham
You were growing into such a tall handsome young man
Cub Scouts, singing, VBS,
teasing siblings and making a mess.

You love to travel and go on trips
most of the knees of your pants had big rips
The girls were starting to fall in love with you
You weren't quite sure what to do

So many memories and thoughts fill my heart
each moment of each day we are apart
Wait for me my son with our dear Lord
'til the day I join you and we receive our reward

I love you Joshua and miss you. 


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