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Memorial created 02-11-2008 by
Sally Heyer
Joshua Leigh Heyer
September 26 1996 - July 20 2007

Joshua patting my head when I was a baby

I made this page just to type out some of my personal memories of Joshua.

My first memory is when I was young and accidentily erased his game on Mario. He got really angry and I felt so bad.  But then he forgave me and said it was ok.

There was another time when he locked me in the basement. He said he would go with me but he ran out and shut the door.  Then he stuck a spoon in the lock. My mom heard crying coming from the air vent but couldn't find me anywhere.  When she asked Joshua were I was he said I was outside.  Finally after looking all around the house and trying to follow my crying she found me in the basement.  When she saw the spoon that was in the lock she ask Josh who did it. He swore up and down that our dog Spencer did it.  He was only 4 so he didn't even get in much trouble.  It wasn't fair.   But I love him anyways.


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