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Memorial created 02-11-2008 by
Sally Heyer
Joshua Leigh Heyer
September 26 1996 - July 20 2007

The day Joshua died so many factors seems to be involved.  I, his mom, let him go down to play at the creek.  We have heard rumors of a dare being involved in Joshua's decision to jump in to the water which was higher then usual.  His friends and brother who were there that day watched in horror unable  to help.  I spent the next few nights unable to sleep as the whirling thoughts filled my head.  I wrote this poem during those first sleepless nights and my sister Terry read it at his funeral. 
It's my fault he died
I let him go
if only I had known
I would have said no

I'm the one who mentioned a dare

It's my fault he's gone

It just isn't fair

I should have saved him
jumped right in after
I just wasn't brave enough
to fight off disaster


Where oh Lord does the fault lie
Why oh why did Joshua die?
Which of us is guilty
Who takes the blame


someone must be responsible
for the horrible pain

"My children, None of you
not parent nor friend
can take the blame
for this boy's earthly end

Joshua's tasks
here on earth were complete
I called him home
to spend eternity with me

Oh my child don't you see?
There is no better place
for Joshua to be
I know you will miss him;
he was a part of your life
But his rewards in Heaven
could no longer be denied

Now Joshua is happy and free
He is bouncing and jumping for joy
here with Me
Do not cry for Josh-there is no need
but look to yourselves and assess your own needs
Do you know me child?? I am Jesus the Lord 
I am your creator, I am the Word
I am calling for you right now don't you see?
-to learn and discover more about me
Joshua's life has planted the seed
for you to be born again unto me

Admit you can't do it.
You can't get Life right
mistake after mistake...
sin holds you tight
Then look to Me just like Joshua did
and believe I am God's son
make the choice to put me first as your Lord
I promise I am the one

Your sins will be forgiven
your life will be just right
for the tasks that I will give you
You will be able to fight the good fight

And when your tasks are complete
I will call you home to Me
And Joshua will be there too
to enjoy your company"

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