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You will always be in our hearts and prayers! We Love you Sunshine!

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Memorial created 01-24-2008 by
Tina Austin
Jacob Z. Austin
January 30 2000 - December 9 2007

Our Little Sunshine ...Age 7

This online memorial was created in loving memory of Jacob, whose life story is told throughout this memorial website. Please sign Jacob's guest book and let us know you came to visit.

We will love and remember Jacob forever.

Jacob is my youngest son, my baby the apple of my eye. He was born on Superbowl Sunday in 2000, during the Superbowl! I was so excited when I went into labor with him, and so were his brothers. They knew that their new baby brother would soon be here. Jacob was always in such a hurry to do everything, including being born. I woke up that morning, in labor and knew it wouldn't be long until this precious angel would be in my arms. When we got to the hospital, the doctor said it wouldn't be long...and she was right, Jacob made his rapid entrance into this world 25 minutes after we got to the hospital, born at 5:50 p.m. just before halftime! He was so beautiful and perfect. His hair was multi-colored with red, brown and a little blonde and his eyes were a speckled color, blue with brown and gold..my sweet little boo-boo. I knew right then that he was going to be an active, energetic, special boy who would love to be the center of attention, and he was. Jacob was the class clown, the comedian, the lover, the fiesty one and the one who could always bring a smile to your face no matter what the mood was. When he was in trouble, he would do a spongebob dance and smile, that made it hard to stay upset with him always ending in laughter and a hug. Jacob was  momma's little boy, always snuggling up and hugging me (I loved that). He always had a kind word for his mommy. I asked Jacob one time how he got to be so sweet and cute and he said "because I growed out of your tummy". That became the question of choice around our house...and gave mommy great pleasure knowing that he loved me so much. I think that he loved his mommy ALMOST as much as his mommy loves him. Jacob believed that life was a gift and that love was unconditional...he was so right. Jacob taught me the true meaning of life, and that life is too short to take the simple things in life for granted should not be done. He would never tell me he loved me...just smile, wink at me and hold his fingers up in a circle .. O ... because a circle is never ending and goes on forever! He was truly an ANGEL sent from above to look over us, and now he watches over us from above! He gave us so many memories and laughs over the years during his short stay here with us. His vibrant personality and his enthusiasm for life made him even more special. There was nothing that could make him lose his faith or his love of life. His smile went on for miles and he had a heart that never quit giving. Jacob was compassionate, loving and caring and would give the world to anyone he could and he was always willing to help out, no matter what the situation. He was very sensitive and felt sad if he couldn't help. He gave me the knowledge of true, unconditional love. The neighborhood knew him and loved to see him riding his bike, or skateboarding down the hill or seeing him in the woods, he loved nature and being outside. They loved his smile and his friendliness. Jacob's favorite color was yellow, because the sun was always shining bright on him. He definately loved the sunlight and I believe that it is because the sun was like him, warm and bright. On December 8th Jacob, his brothers and a very close friend were involved in a tragic accident, being hit by a car while walking home from a friends house. While they were all injured in this accident, Jacob was badly injured and taken from us with his little life ending on December 9th. Even though his death was a tragedy for all of us, he did not die in vain, he truly gave the best gift of all, LIFE! Jacob's organs were donated and his donations were able to provide a one year old girl in Minnesota and a retired police officer in Ohio a chance at a healthier, longer life than would have been otherwise. Because of this, not only will be forever be my ANGEL but he will always be my HERO as well. Jacob was, is and always will be my little boo-boo and his memories will live on forever in our hearts and he will be forever loved and missed by all that had the honor and privelige of knowing him. 

We love you Jacob and you will NEVER be forgotten.



  Our Little Sunshine....Age 7


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