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Memorial created 01-20-2008 by
Wanda Hyleman
Jerami Cale Willard
July 27 1978 - November 26 2007

Jerami & Buck

He is singing the song that is playing, he wrote it. " Modern Day Cowboy."

This online memorial was created in loving memory of Jerami Cale Willard, whose life story is told throughout this memorial website. Please sign Jerami's guest book and let us know you came to visit. We will remember Jerami forever. Jerami was born on a hot July day in 1978, he was the only boy in the nursery, and I guess that guaranteed that he would always love an audience. He weighed 9lb 9 oz, was a teddy bear then & was when he died, he gave the best hugs. One of my friends said to me one day soon after the funeral " One thing I always remembered about him, was everytime he would come by your work to see you, when he left he would always say "Bye moma I love you.... he did not care who was around, whether it was his friends or a girl he liked, he always told me that. He was so full of life, he loved to sing and play the guitar. He had some other passions which I will discuss later in this site, one of which was his love of horror movies ever since he was a little boy... and he was so talented, he restored a few trucks and did a great job at it, with no formal training. When he took an interest in something he would give it 100%. His passions were playing the guitar, singing, fishing, raising tropical fish, collecting horror memorabelia, he made replicas of Freddy Kruger gloves & replicas of the Hockey mask's that Jason wore in the Friday the 13th movies, I will post some of those photos this week. The song playing by Michael Buble was played at the funeral service, the other song I chose was by Tim Mcgraw - If you're reading this.. He was not in the service but had a different battle.


I have so much to share about him, I know it will take a little while to complete this site, but I just wanted to get it started and to add a few poems and photos. He passed away Nov 26, 2007 from an accidental overdose of Methadone & Cocaine, per the toxicology report. Orginally it was thought that it was an overdose of Methadone & Xanax, I understand that has been a lethal combination for alot of people that do not realize that it will kill them. He had been on pain pills for kidney stones and had gotten addicted to them and trying to get off them with the Methadone.  If one person sees this website and can show it to someone who is struggling with an addiction, I will know I am doing the right thing by sharing this with others. I can tell you as a mother whose son has just died, that this is the hardest thing I have ever had to do.

That should not have happened to my son...to me, to his son, to his friends, to his sister & brother... to everyone that loved him , someone should have stopped it.

He was with his girlfriend at her mom's house for Thanksgiving, and they were aware that he had taken something. they said he went to sleep in the recliner around 4 pm & they checked on him during the night, even tried to wake him several times, but couldn't and rather than call 911, they assumed he would be ok, and when morning arrived , he had already went into cardiac arrest. That was on Nov 23rd, we kept him on life support through the weekend, I knew he was gone I just could not make myself let him go, I just kept praying that he would wake up, and on Sunday night I made the decision to take him off the machine in the morning, so on the 26th we gathered in the room, his dad, his sister, his girlfriend & myself, we all said our good byes, and waited for him to go.. As a mother let me tell you I will never forget the feel of his chest when his heart stopped. Felt as if mine stopped also.

That is one memory you can never erase.

1953 Ford he restored
Jerami w/ Freddy glove he made
Halloween 2004 - Dressed as Jason
On the way to Coco Beach, Fl 2003
Thanksgiving 1996
Jerami & his Aunt Cindy

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