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We love you Jalen...Uncle Brian, Erica, Martin, Marcus & Jaslyn

Memorial created 01-12-2008 by
Jalen's Mommy- Tyra Crespin
Jalen Jordan Henry Crespin
June 16 2007 - November 20 2007

my little lubby

The day my little nephew was born was the happiest day of my life i called everyone i could to tell them "im an uncle im an uncle" i cried and laughed and smiled seeing his face for the first time was amazing he looked just like uncle bebo as they would say he was my twin my mini me i wanted to see him grow up play sports wanted him to be just like me i wanted to tell him i love u little guy and for him to say i love u too uncle and him always getting me mad trying to go into my room or something lame like that when i had to wake up early for school i would always hear him cry at like 3 in the morning i would get mad but now i wish i could hear him cry again i had so much planned for me and him i wanted to teach him how to play baseball,basketball and anything else i could i loved the little guy to death i would walk around the world and back just to see him again one of the most funniest things was when he cried he made a little monkey noise that always put a smile on my face i would be at school cant wait to get home cuz i wanted to hold him or see him laugh just see him in general every time i was sad he made my day i loved it when ppl said we looked alike i finally had a mini me but now that he is gone i have no one to make my day no more i just sit and wonder why him he didnt do nothing wrong but i guess my question will never be answered only god knows why he wanted him and now he is a angel watching over me making sure i do good me and him would always make fun of his mom he would crack up laughing then stop then start again but i just wnt him to knw i love u ur gone from r sights but never frm r hearts rest in peace lubby lubb. I LOVE YOU!


3rd day home...

I loved feeding him! i did anything i could to make him stronger.


Uncle D, Jalen and Fidel

Jalen i knew you like you were my nephew. I will never forget all the happy memories that we had togther. Like that one day i held you, we were watching the cowboys beat the new york giants, And the second time i held you i actually got to feed you and burp you. I will always remember all of those memories and you. I wish i could hold you many more times. If i had one wish it would be to bring you back home where you belong, because we are one big happy family. I WILL MISS YOU LITTLE BUDDY!! love, fiddle


the day he passed away i had a weird feeling i got home i was hanging out wit my friend fidel and my uncle. my dad said they're taking jalen to the hospital and i didnt think anything of it he was a soldier a real strong baby i thought he would just be in the hospital again then like a hour later my sister called me i thought she was going to say d he is going to be in the hospital again but she had a diff tone in her voice i asked her wats wrong and she said jalen just passed away i cried my heart out nothing in the world felt this bad i lost my favorite guy nothing could bring him back but i know one day me and him will meet up again and be our happy selves i love u my jalen i miss u with all my heart!!!!!!!!!! my little nephew had a mohawk it was the coolest thing ever it always was up never a day he didnt have one






i loved when ppl would ask me hey how is ur nephew i would say great cuz i was so happy i had a nephew i wanted to talk about him to everyone i could everyone we meet said he looked like me it always made me smile now that he is gone i HATE when ppl ask me hey how is ur nephew i just feel like crying right on the spot but i hold it in and stay strong for my little guy i knw ill see him again but in a better place where nothing can go wrong I LOVE U O SO MUCH MY LITTLE GUY AND MISS U WITH ALL MY HEART IM NOT WHOLE UNTIL I SEE U AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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