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We love you Jalen...Uncle Brian, Erica, Martin, Marcus & Jaslyn

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Jalen's Mommy- Tyra Crespin
Jalen Jordan Henry Crespin
June 16 2007 - November 20 2007

Jalen and His Grandma

came into my life on June 16, 2007 and that was the best day of my life other than having my own kids. I loved Jalen even before he was born, i would look at my daughter Tyra and smile knowing that soon we would have this beautiful baby in our lives and i couldn't wait. Tyra was given the best baby shower that anyone could of given and Jalen got so much stuff we didn't know where to put it. Jalen brought so much love and joy into our lives i can't describe how i looked forward to each new day with him. Tyra and I would go shopping and we always bought something new for him. He has so much clothes but oh well we still bought more. Jalen was born with some problems but we hoped that the doctor's knew how to fix them, he was in the ICU for 7 weeks and we couldn't wait to bring him home ( they lived with us ). He came home on August 6, 2007 and that was the best feeling in the world! I would watch him while his mom worked and went to school to become a medical assitant. She would call every chance she could to see how and what he was doing. I took pictures of him everyday so she wouldn't miss anything. He didn't let the fact that he was on oxygen bother him i guess he didn't know any different. He would though pull the oxygen tube off if it bothered him but we kept on top of that and put it back. When he had surgery to fix what they call PDA, we all hoped that would fix all his problems but it didn't. He recovered from that surgery like a trooper. Tyra and I would spend every chance we could with him. A couple of weeks after that surgery he had a heart catherization and they discovered that the veins to his lungs were underdeveloped, but we were told that he would need to see a specialist. The morning of November 20, 2007 he had his cardiologist appointment and we finally heard something kinda positive, Dr. Yabek told us that he was waiting to hear from the specialist and that his heart was strong and he would be ok. Well we left the appointment happy and i took Tyra to work and did some errands until it was time to pick her up. He was actually happy that day. At this point he only needed oxygen if he was crying because he would have trouble breathing because of his underdeveloped veins. I went to Sam's to pick up pictures of Jalen and he started to cry so i took him outside to the car and turned up his oxygen because it was a different cry than usual. My mother stayed inside the store because we were getting the last minute stuff for Thanksgiving. When we got outside he wasn't consolable so i called 911, while on the phone his little arms got really stiff and then he went limp. Emergency people got there so quickly i thought THANK GOD. By this time my mom came outside and followed us to the hospital. We got into the ambulance and i called Tyra to tell her to meet me at the hospital. I expected them to tell us that he needed to be readmitted until he saw the specialist. Nobody told me how serious he was the whole time i was in the emergency room until Tyra got there and they escorted us into the room and told us we had to say our goodbyes!!!!!! We were later told that his little heart couldn't take it anymore and it stopped! Why? We were just at the cardiologist that morning and were told his heart was strong! Jalen was gone and there was nothing I could do!!! By this time the whole family had been called into the room and all we could do was cry and wonder why. I will always love and miss Jalen he was my life and i will never ever forget all that he brought into my life. I love my kids but loving my grandson is a whole different kind of love. When he left us he took a part of me with him i can't wait to see and hold him again. GRANDMA LOVES YOU JALEN!


The love of my life!

I can't describe what if felt like to hold and kiss Jalen. He was the best thing in my life and i couldn't wait to look into his eyes and tell him i loved him so much. Jalen was loved by everyone who knew him!


Angel Baby

Jalen is now our GUARDIAN ANGEL!





This is my Angel! Do you see the Halo?







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