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Memorial created 01-12-2008 by
Jalen's Mommy- Tyra Crespin
Jalen Jordan Henry Crespin
June 16 2007 - November 20 2007

Jalen Jordan -My Angel


This online memorial was created in loving memory of Jalen Crespin, whose life story is told throughout this memorial website.

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My baby Jalen came in to my life unexpected, but the best surprise i could EVER ask for! So many thoughts were rushing through my mind as to what i was going to do with my life and if i could give Jalen everything he would ever need. The day i had my first ultrasound is the day i fell in love with him! Sooner than i thought he was there within minutes and i heard his little cry. I remember i laughed when i heard it cuz it sounded like a little ducky! It was AMAZING seeing him for the first time, but i have to admit i was so so scared!! When i finally got to see him after i recovered i didn't want to touch him cuz he was just so little. But he looked right at me and i swear he smiled. He was the cutest thing i could EVER ask God to bless me with! He had to get help with his breathing because he wasn't quite strong enough yet, but i didn't worry to much because i knew the doctors would take care of him. But than the next night i was wakened by the doctor coming to tell me that his breathing was getting harder and he needed to be put on a machine that would help him a little more. I didn't really know what they were talking about and i didn't know if i could handle seeing my baby like that! When Jalens breathing got worse he was put on a machine that did ALL of his breathing for him. It made his body shake tons and i can't even explain how difficult it was to walk into that little room and not be able to help him like a mommy should! Jalen was in that stupid hospital for 7 long weeks but he was so strong and touched everyones hearts. Everyone LOVED him, but how couldn't you he made you smile every second you were with him and you never wanted to leave not even for a second. Finally i got to take my baby home and it was the most exciting day of my life. He was still on oxygen but i would rather have him home than have him stay in that awful hospital. We visited the doctors pretty often because Jalen has something called pulmonary hypertension. He ended up having surgery also and he was back in the hospital once again. But you know what he was such a soldier and recovered so fast and became even stronger each time. I felt that everytime we went to the doctors they NEVER had anything good to say and i hated going cuz i KNEW he was getting better i could see it! He would smile tons and started to even laugh.. He would make noises and started saying uh uh.. haha.. and even though he couldn't talk i swear he would say "hungy" When i'd come home from work he'd wake up and make me stay up and hold him. And even though i was super tired i would stay up hours with him cuz i loved him so much and i knew he loved me. I would wake up at night and turn to him and he would just be staring at me with a HUGE smile on his face. Gosh i wish i could see that again. That tuesday morning Jalen had a cardiologist appointment. But guess what finally FOR ONCE we heard something positive!! They said he was doing really well and was gaining weight which was really really good! And they wanted to see him in three weeks. We walked out of the hospital happy. So as i was being dropped off for work expecting that i would see him again when i got off all i told him was bye baby and i grabbed his little hand and he smiled! I shouldn't have gone to work that day. When i got the call to go to the hospital i just expected Jalen to be admitted to the hospital and i figured i would be spending the night there. But as the doctor pulled me into that stupid room she said i needed to say goodbye to my baby cuz they couldn't try anymore! How can you just not try anymore? he's a baby not some really old adult! But whatever. I really thought doctors knew EVERYTHING... but after seeing everything that they DIDN'T do with jalen i see that i was wrong. His autopsy showed his heart was really enlarged. Why didn't the cardiologist worry about this when we took him that morning? because he didn't check and he said he was fine.. i completly blame him and some other doctors for not helping my baby.. they should have known what to do and they should have seen it sooner! I am grateful God gave me Jalen for the time i did have him. He was the greatest thing that ever happened to me. He helped me grow into a better person and gave me a chance to know how it feels to be loved. I was so looking forward to hearing him say mommy.... i couldn't wait.. but maybe one day i'll hear it! I was the happiest person for those five months.... and now it just seems like a part of me is gone and im not whole anymore. JALEN i think about you EVERY day. MOMMY LOVES YOU HONEY!!!


Jalen and his mommy!!!!
too cute!!!!!!




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I know he is in Heaven, and some may find comfort in this fact...But please forgive us Jesus I just want my Jalen back!!!!!!


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