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We love you Jalen...Uncle Brian, Erica, Martin, Marcus & Jaslyn

Memorial created 01-12-2008 by
Jalen's Mommy- Tyra Crespin
Jalen Jordan Henry Crespin
June 16 2007 - November 20 2007

I'm here....June 16, 2007, 9:12 pm 5 lbs. 10 ozs. 18 inches long


This is my mommy.


Grandma loves me!


Great-Grandpa Henry


Great-Grandma Romie


My First day home!!!!


Uncle Damian liked to hold me


Mommy and me sleeping...


My Grandpa loved me very much!


Grandpa's MUSCLE MAN!!!


Just Chillin


New bed


Love my blanket!


I hate this thing!


Yay no oxygen!


Lookin at my mommy


I love my mommy!


I was tired


Going for a ride


I was hiding from the doctor


I was out, it was a long day.


Wanna dance?




Great Grandma and Grandpa


What's that Great-Grandma?


Me and mommies hands


Just Lookin


My first Halloween




Mommy kissing me....


Me licking mommy....ewww


Me and Jalensaurus


All ready to go


Born in 2007!!!!


Me and Uncle Bebo sleeping


Smile mom


Me and gramps


Going to a Lobo game


An Angel on earth




I loved bath time!


Me at Santuario




What u lookin at?


Ok i'll smile:)


Sleeping soundly.


Going to my doctor's appointment on the morning of November 20, 2007 Mommy actually got good news!


Ready to go pick up mommy. (this was his last picture) November 20, 2007


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