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Memorial created 10-31-1998 by
Karyl Chastain Beal
Arlyn Maria Beal
January 25 1978 - August 7 1996


Energetic, carefree, idealistic
and open-minded,
Sister of Ron,
Lover of excitement, dreams, the moon,
Who feels joy at the sight of nature,
happy while dozing, wonder
while thinking,
Who needs love, outdoors and food,
Who gives headaches, happiness
and counseling,
Who fears pain, loneliness, and failure
Who would like to see Pluto and the
stars, world peace, and a waterfall,
Who lives in an old church
in the middle of Nowhere, GA.

One hot Wednesday in August (1996), Arlyn ate lunch at home with us, very normally. An hour later, she was dead.

Arlyn had graduated from Thomas County Central High School in Thomasville, Georgia two months earlier. She was intelligent, a dedicated student. She joined MENSA and received numerous scholastic awards. She also participated in a variety of other school activities. She debated, ran cross country track, and won beauty pageants. She had been an acolyte at St. Thomas Episcopal Church for nine years.

We invite you visit all the pages of Arlyn's website to see some of our favorite photos of her. Several of these pages have copies of poems Arlyn wrote.

We also invite you to read the brief story of her life and death in "Wind Beneath My Wings." Click the link below to get to it.

A special tribute to Arlyn is included - A listing of the many honors and accomplishments Arlyn achieved in her life. This section is especially important because, sadly, they were not included in her high school yearbook.

John Ranney of Toronto composed music go to with Arlyn's poems, and he has recorded them on a CD ("Light and Darkness") which is now available for those who want to hear them. (See John Ranney link below.) Her poems have been published in a small book, thanks to John.

You may also read about Arlyn in a story called "Wind Beneath My Wings" which was published in "Chicken Soup for the Unsinkable Soul."

We also invite you to share memories you have of Arlyn (or your response to her web site) in the Reflections section. Every memory we have of Arlyn, every kind word, becomes a treasure for us.



This memorial page was designed by Crystal Hunter to be placed in the 2011 memorial book being published by the POS-FFOS Internet Community.



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