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Memorial created 12-17-2007 by
Mom (Dede Moffitt )
Breanna Nichole Lemons
March 12 1989 - August 31 2007

Our Beautiful Cowgirl

This online memorial was created in loving memory of Breanna Lemons, whose life story is told throughout this memorial website. Please sign Breanna's guest book and let us know you came to visit. We will remember Breanna forever.

    "What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others."

 For those of you just reading this for the first time Breanna left us all too soon in a single vehicle roll over on August 31, 2007.


Breanna Nichole Lemons came into this world a little too early. She was due on April 13, 1989, but arrived at about 1:00 am March 12, 1989. Being a few weeks early, she weighed only 4 pounds 11 ounces. She was a tiny little thing. She couldn't eat from a bottle or nurse because she had no sucking reflexes developed yet so they had to feed her with a tube for a while until she gained some weight and learned to eat. She was in the hospital for 10 days before they let her finally come home. As her Mama, I had a very hard time going home from the hospital without my little baby. I cried many a night without her. But Breanna had an older brother at home that needed taken care of too. We were up at the hospital every day as long as we could stay until she gained the weight needed to come home. I was just so thankful that she didn't have any other problems being born early.

Breanna was a little fighter though, starting out in this world too early. It wasn't long before we noticed that she was having some eating problems. She didn't want to eat any regular food much, all she wanted to do was drink. Then when it was time to potty train her, it was EXTREMELY difficult. I knew there was something wrong when she reached 3 years old and only weighed a mere 19 pounds! I was so scared. Breanna wouldn't eat ANY solid foods at this time, she would only drink and drink, she would drink anything she could get her hands on! I mean ANYTHING! I was so afraid she would drink something that would truely harm her. Not to mention that she wasn't gaining weight at all. I took her to the Dr. with my concerns, he didn't think there was anything wrong. I took her to a stomach specialist, they ran tests, still nothing wrong. Then when I complained again to her pediatrician he suggested we take her to Salt Lake City, Utah (mind you, I was 8-9 months pregnant with Breanna's little sister AND a single mom at the time).

So we went to Salt Lake City, Utah to the Children's Hospital. We were there for about 3 to 5 days. They ran every test there was to run on her. They also came to the conclusion and said there didn't appear to be anything wrong with her. So they sent us home with orders to put her on fluid restrictions. Didn't these people hear me when I said that I was already having a difficult time keeping her from drinking every thing in sight! And that she wouldn't eat solid food! I had her on pediasure, she HATED that stuff though, of course, it tasted bad to her. She would throw up or get sick at the drop of a hat.

One night, I went into Breanna's room after such frustration and I knelt beside her bed and cried and cried, I thought I was going to lose her to malnutrition. I prayed that God would please help me figure out what was wrong with her! I knew as a mother, in my heart, that something wasn't right! The next day I thought I would try her pediatrician one more time. I told him about everything at the Children's Hospital, what they told me and that it WASN'T working (this was all within a week). He told me, "Well, let's try this one medication, DDAVP, and see what happens". I went to the drugstore picked up the prescription (it was a nasal spray) and gave it to her when I got home. The very next day Breanna ate an ENTIRE waffle!!!!!!!!! OH, you don't know what a MIRACLE this was for me!! She had never eaten that much her entire 3 years!!! Oh, the good Lord had answered my prayers! After that Breanna was a totally normal healthy child. Totally normal. She had to remain on the DDAVP for the rest of her life, but I didn't care, she was alive and normal.

Breanna went through the rest of her short time here enjoying everything else as a normal young girl could. She had tons of friends. There wasn't hardly anyone that didn't like her. If they didn't like her it was because they were jealous that she was such a kind person. She would never do or say anything that would hurt or upset anyone EVER. She did really well in school. I homeschooled her for a time and she ended up graduating with a GED. I was so very proud of her. We figured that was the best way for her to get a diploma. She graduated earlier than anyone else in her class by doing this. She also graduated at the top of the class. They said she was 3rd in the nation for Science as well. She had so much potential to do whatever she set her mind to.

Breanna's natural father and I had been divorced shortly after she was born. Breanna was only about a year old. There were rough times for all of us in between. Then I met Breanna's Step-Father when she was about 6 years old. He was the one that got Breanna into loving horses. Right after we got married we bought two horses. The kids loved it! Breanna was a natural. As soon as she got on a horse, she took to it like a duck in water. She wanted to be a barrel racer. She also rode horses many many times with BESTEST cousin Tara. We moved to Texas for a time and she rode horses almost every day down there. They had many places to ride and had trail rides and all kinds of events going on all the time. Breanna and her little sister, Danielle, helped a friend of ours feed and water their 20 or more horses every day they could. Then when we moved back home to Wyoming Breanna bought her first horse. What a beauty. Breanna and her cousin Tara wanted to each break their own horses. Tara did, but before Breanna had much of a chance to break her horse on her own, she met a BOY! AAAAHHHH. Boys throw a wrench in so many plans, ha, ha. Then she was with her new boyfriend every single minute of every single day.

Breanna turned 18 and we moved out of town even further than we were and she decided it was time for her own place. She didn't like living that far out of town now that she had a boyfriend. That was sooo difficult for me. I wanted her to stay home so badly. I was afraid for her being alone. But her boyfriend was there most of the time. But as luck would have it, she got her heart broken. It was her first love and with her sensitive heart, she took it really, really hard. I tried to explain to her all the things that a mother should about losing your first love and that some day the right guy will come along that was meant JUST for her. And that this was just the natural process of life. I am so thankful she got the opportunity to experience a first love. I am sorry she had to experience a broken heart, but glad she loved someone.

Breanna went away one summer and stayed with her Aunt Jodie and BESTEST cousin Tara. That is where Breanna's Uncle Burleigh taught the girls to drive heavy equipment!! Like I said, this girl could do ANYTHING! Her and Tara were like conjoined twins, let me tell you, these girls grew up with each other and were quite close. You couldn't separate them. I missed Breanna so much while she was gone for the summer.

At the end of that summer Breanna came back home she went to work at the local super market as a cashier/coffee shop clerk/and florist. Everyone complimented her on the coffee she made. She came home and said, "Mom, some of the customers will only come to me because they say I am the only one that makes their drinks the way they like it!" She had several loyal customers. Mom and Dad were one of them, tee hee. It was true, we went in there and others made our cappacinos and smoothies and Breanna was the only one that could make them taste perfect. She was also really enjoying making the flower arrangements. She was very good at that too. Like I said, this girl could do whatever she wanted! The bouquet on this page is is the one she was working on and making the last day I saw her. That day I stopped in to see what she was doing and see if she wanted to go to lunch, she said, "I can go as soon as I finish making this arrangment." So I sat and waited for her to finish. When she got done we walked outside the store and visited for quite some time. We discussed her moving back home (as she had an apartment with a friend and the lady upstairs was giving them fits and trying to get them kicked out.) Her Grandma Lemons showed up in the parking lot and stopped and visited with us. Then I had to get back to work and Breanna went on her way home. I said, "See you later." And she said, "See you later Mom." Since we didn't say good-bye... I beleive I will see her later. I love you always and forever Breanna.





This is a favorite Bible Verse Bree picked for Youth Group.

A word fitly spoken [is like] apples of gold in pictures of silver. Proverbs 25:11



COLOR: Purple


FOOD: Burgers, Aunt Jodie's Lasagna, Taco Salad Pizza, Mom's Stroganoff

MOVIES: How the Grinch Stole Christmas with Jim Carey, A Walk To Remember, The Mask, Robin Hood: Men in Tights, She's the Man, Coyote Ugly

TV SHOWS: Mythbusters, 7th Heaven, GAC and CMT, Smallville

SONGS: Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy-Big & Rich; Honky Tonk Badonkadonk-Trace Adkins; Drinkin Bone-Tracy Bird; Boondocks-Little Big Town; Kiss This-Aaron Tippin; Forever-Papa Roach; Rock Star-Nickleback Her favorite song to rehearse and repeat from a movie was Aruba Beat from the movie The Mask

THINGS TO DO: Laughing (she had this on her 'TAGGED' page as her favorite thing to do), Ride Horses, Ride 4 wheelers, Hanging out with good friends and family, Camping and bon fires, Fishing

ANIMALS: Horses and kitties, she also liked butterflies-even though I know they aren't actually an animal I will put them here

FAVORITE MOVIE SAYING: "Careful Sugar! Daddy has a sweet tooth tonight". She just liked goofing around and saying that from her favorite movie The Mask


Bouquet Breanna made the last time I saw her.

This is a poem Breanna wrote a couple of years ago and it was published in a book and can be viewed at Poetry.com.


I dedicate this to my grandma. She is gone now, she aways believed in me.

Blackness is bleeding through the sky as the people lay in slumber.Kids creep through the rooms jumping everytime a snore drifts out of another room.Although the kids are silent as stars, they think the tiniest move made is as loud as thunder.They run like a speeding train back to the safety of their rooms. They lie with their heart racing as wildly as a baby zebra frolicking through the warm African desert and hide in their covers until settled, then return to their faithful mission.


Breanna, you are missed so very much. Your laughter, your smile, your sense of humor, your intellegence, your wisdom and your love meant so much to so many.


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