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Memorial created 11-28-2007 by
Rhonda Ferguson
Dustin Thomas Doughty
December 3 1995 - August 13 2007

william and dustin planting sweet potatos

This online memorial was created in loving memory of Dustin Doughty, whose life story is told throughout this memorial website. IN LOVING MEMORY OF DUSTIN DOUGHTY GONE BUT NEVER FORGOTTEN Dustin came to us when he was 6 weeks old, with his sister Dana and brother Mathew, I started babysitting them and they where a permanent part of our family after that first day we took to them like our very own.. William especially took to the boys and always looked forward to them coming over when he was home from trucking he would take care of the boys while i took care of the girls Ashley & Dana. We watched Dustin grow into a wonderful person.. until he was 7 years old when we stopped watching them. Dustin was like our very own, he would try anything that i had cooked and would let me know if he didnt like it, he always wanted to go where mister was which was usually outside and when his mom would come to pick him up he always wanted to stay with mister and wanda until he got to school age he didnt want to get up he had the cutes mullet we teased him about the long hair but it was dustin and we had a time brushing it before school. we loved him very much. So when we got the call from our daughter i guess around 7:30pm i was in the bed and william came in and woke me and just collapsed on the floor and just said dustin was killed and i was in shock. On August 13, 2007 around 6:30 pm Dustin was taken from us by a neighborhood boy who went into their home and tried taking a shot gun but didnt know dustin was home, so instead of leaving he made the decison to put the gun up to dustins mouth and pull the trigger. claiming it was an accident.. so tell me how its an accident when you are so much larger than an 11 year old and you have to cock the gun to get a round in the chamber it could be an accident. He will only serve about 5 years for this horrific crime. Reckless homicide is what he pleaded guilty, which should be more but well the judical system in graves county sucks. We will never get over this. You will be truly missed.. William still has a hard time dealing with his death, but is coping the best way he knows we have granddaughter that will never ever know her uncle dustin because of the decision that boy made. We have one child but now have 4. We love each of them so very much just hope they know that even though we dont see them like we should. We love you dustin happy birthday and we will see you again one day PLEASE REST IN PEACE SWEET BOY Mister is doing better sweet boy he knows you are safe now. and knows he will see you again some day so keep an eye on him from up there... Dustin's family is still having a hard time especially his mother so please everyone keep her in your thoughts and prayers her name is shannon and she was a very devoted mother to all her childern but dustin was the baby and he was her life i just want her to know that we are here for her and that she is not alone and all she has to do is call us and that goes for Dana and Matt and The rest of the family also. we love each and everyone of them.. KEEP SENDING THEM SIGN SWEET ONE!!!! Dustin it has been 5 months today and not one day has gone by that we dont think of you sweet child.. William loves you more than anything he thinks of you daily while sitting at the table looking down on where you guys planted sweet potatoes that year he feels your love around him. You where a joy to have around you and Mathew took care of mister when i wasnt always around. For that i hope you get your wings.. keep sending the love from up in heaven and hope that you have met everyone you need up there. CANT WAIT TO SEE YOU AGAIN!!! Please sign Dustin's guest book and let us know you came to visit. We will remember Dustin forever.







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